This COULD be a controversial topic.

Resonantly I did curse proof read essays and took part in course THAT doctors do. I was interested as it was heart lungs related THATS why I took part.

Anyway given matrial I was reading being asked I was scored JUST as if I was doctor siting exams.

But course had real life examples of pretend patients AND you had to asses symptoms and how the presented.

NOW this is where I feel guilty I seen lots of Lung Disease suffer with quite complex symptoms present at The Pretend A+E SOME i WOULD refer on and some after test you got opinion of being malingers time wasters bed blockers and wanted to kick em out door most things we are aware of.

WHAT I found great was I was helping to shape future of how doctors treat talk to patients and how opinions are formed.

Reading this post CAN you see the obvious ANSWER from getting over shock of how we are perceived by some.

NO / YES well A+E is for acute medical emergencies those in crisis NOT for those with a bump or scratch.

But what was good about course IT shown me what challenges doctors face in A+E and how inportant it is GP's and PRIMARY care is and should be.

But as we have seen SOMETHING is going badly wrong with HOW our lung conditions are being managed at GP's practices esp if we are having to present at AE in crisis

Am I guilty or am I foolish having faith in GPs thinking doctors in primary care are managing patients condition .. that's impression I had when presented at AE so did I have just cause in having opinion I had.


Remember it was a course proof reading on how doctors are trained BUT you will be pleased to know I never killed anybody and I scored 86% with a pass sore 70%.

We all have chance of shaping our futures by communication and interaction AS sites like this show us.

As to how our conditions are managed I guess al wait and see If I was right or wrong.

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  • Well done JAS you had a good score there. Pete and l were talking today and saying that it is odd how we seem to have to find things out for ourselves. Pete sees a cardio doc at the Brompton but nobody for lung issues. Why? Who knows. Our GP does his best but is not s specialist. Pete has an appointment in urology because of prostate problems but at a different hospital to the normal one. He rang and spoke to secretary who has no idea why Pete has appointment there!

    His back is a whole different story.

    Good on you for a thought provoking post. Where do we go from here? So glad we have BLF and HU because we have each other. Xxx

  • Hi Sassy59

    GP get paid for providing you with good care so the dont like to reffer you anyware..

    Guess thats why most get referd when been taken hospital UNLESS the have good or hard faced doctor who thinks he she can manage your care.

    I would chat to your doctor most are ok when ask them.

    As to healthunlocked blf defo agree woth you there

  • Must have been very interesting, shows you both side of the coin I guess.

  • Hi it was ok really makes a change to take part in something.

    Shame i was not that interested in it all when at school

  • You got a good score, Daz? Perhaps you should train for's never too late to learn.

    Tee xxx

  • Hi Tee Cheers i was surprised myself but was just one module.

    I did 3 in total with open membership BUT i faint just pulling plaster of me self so think am not cut out for trauma given my condition.

    Am pretty good at being ill or malingering could even be my vocation in life now to my gp's discourse lol

  • 😄😄😄

  • When my COPD nurse found out I'd spent another day at A&E she said, 'Oh no! A&E's not the right place for patients like you. You should be on the medical ward.' However, she wasn't able to tell me how to get onto the medical ward, so what was the point of that?!

    A&E is the very last place I ever want to be, but if it's a choice of being there where they at least can give me oxygen to help me breath, or home choking, then I'll call 999 anytime.

    There doesn't seem to be a coordinated response for those of us with lung problems. The GPs do their best, the practice nurses do their best, the RESPS team does its best but they all seem to work in isolation.

    Ah well, that's my two pennorth for this morning. It's a lovely sunny day so I'm going to make the most of it now - build up the Vitamin D! Lol!

  • I agree with everything you have said.

    You see The GP who admits he is not specialised in COPD but can help as much as possible, Your whipped to A&E only to lie on a trolley gasping as A&E are so short staffed at nights, Your community nurse can only do so much and you Consultant`s staff an PTs give you advice which is contradictory to others.

    SO, your left to suss out the best way forward for yourself and I have learned to trust what my body says and act accordingly, regardless if they all like it OR not.

  • How true you are saying what some of us know as fact xx

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