Ct scans, how many do you get ?

2 days ago, I had my first real appointment with my pneumologist following my first ct scan. He then told me I'd have to have Ct scans every year ! I was shocked. I guess it's a good thing to keep checking the evolution of things but I didnt expect a ct scan every year for the rest of my life.

I was wondering if this is the norm for emphysema patients in the UK too.

Thank you for reading ;)

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As been for me OF late it's been every three months BUT the did say I would not have contrast iodine one again ..

In my case I told doc that's unfair as contrast iodine made me feel great

But I guess if things change the up down it guess the no harm in them being proactive.

Hey thanks Jeff, Iam glad you replied because I wanted to let you know that I didnt have to fight with my doctor to ask all the questions I had, nor did he threw me out of the door after the 17th question I had Lol.

As for contrast iodine, i didnt have it either, does it gives you a high or something ? How does it make you feel great ?

Anyway, thanks again for replying, hope you feel good and everything's ok on your side !

Few good points in ya reply .. Let's just say I wanted to run marathon within half hour of having contrast once I got over tingling in throt and hot never regions.

Pleasurable was given all my suffering of late.

As to scan the say the don't use as much juice BUT guess if you do have lots scan's xray guess you could suffer fibrosiing radiation burns think the call it.

Anyway this some think scaning people are time is no good as the pick up stuff that's benign or clears up It's self.

But am on side of testing myself READ to many horror stories about coughing getting worse NOUT was done and then told the have cancer all over.

Have seen to much of that with my own SO it's not going to happen to me.

Yer am glad doctor never threw you out BUT I bet he rolled eyes back tho :)

Did you find out new out any answers fancy sharing lucky I forget lots stuff but as long as I remmber to breath al be ok :)

Great, thanks for explaining all this about scans and iodine effects, I didnt know all this. Funny thing is in my case, prior to my appointement they repeated over and over to bring the iodine solution with me which I got from my chemist but on the day of the scan they straight away said, we dont need that at all to quantify emphysema. I thought, well thanks for pestering me into buying it every time I called you.

Funny you say that about my doctor rolling his eyes, because that is EXACTLY what I told him towards the end of my questions, I said to him "iam sure you're rolling your eyes in your head right now but thank you for answering my questions" !!

Anyway don't be tempted by iodine is very toxic that why I can't have anymore.

But the use iodine to look at structures blood vessels ITs not that great at looking at cancers so ad not worry.

Doctors are cut from same cloth BUT what you can ask doctor is why am I in France but all illness treatment have English names.

I didnt really find out answers that could help here, it was more questions like what is my emphysema, panlobular, centrolobular ? Can I have the Alpha 1 test done ? Do I have copd or not ? are you putting me on medication ? etc...

it was more like the kind of question that were personal and that I couldnt find on the internet and could only ask a doctor who has seen my CT scans.

Sorry I didnt bring any answers for the masses :(

Emphysema ya talking bout means you have holes in middle and bullea at edge of lung.

He just said I had Bullous emphysema.

Thats what i meant with holes SOME have air filled holes and some have fluid filed holes

awww thanks jeff, you're fast becoming my own little online pneumologist :D

On a different note, where is the ajax part of your username coming from ? Is it because of the Dutch football team, the computer thing or the old bathroom cleaning powder we used to have on sale in France (and probably a lung irritant at that) ?

I dont like football but will say i had ajax before actor in deadpool used it

But yer we got it from same place.

But as not movie spoiler cant say :)

Ok, Iam glad its not from the football team because I dont like football either. I'll try to watch deadpool to find out then ;)

Don't think yal be disapoited if did watch it good movie :)

I nearly watched it on the internet the other day and then had other things to do. You're talking about the one with Ryan Reynolds, right ?

Think it is who you said

Yes, must be him, I think that's the only deadpool movie ever made but not sure as I never read Marvel comics in my life. When I saw the trailer it seemed like a really funny movie too, not just a comics-derived film but a comedy as well, will defo try to watch it soon !

Defo worth a watch and is funny

Ok, I didnt need to watch the movie, I just googled Ajax Deadpool :D

hi KD at least you have some sort of a result ,but im sorry whats happened over in france how are you over there eh ,, really veey sorry .

Hi tis, thanks for your kind message, it's just shocking, so many atrocities in such a short time, so many completely innocent people taken away for absolutely nothing, Iam and so many other people here are just shocked, the value of life just doesnt mean anything to some people I guess. Iam still processing it but I guess iam just horrified, disgusted, sad, angry and you just feel helpless, its not like the governement can watch every mentally unstable people all over the country so you keep thinking these things can still happen anytime, anywhere. Its just all so sad what the world has become, not even small kids in prams are safe now.

ye true turkeys had ad coup the night its spreading, like lots of rubbish bad things have ruddy tentacles like just spread horror and horrible things all over sad world when we cant r dont no who to trust KD anywere really .. powers what be eh. stay safe .

It's definitely not the norm here in UK KD12. Unless there's some particular reason to keep careful and regular watch on your lungs, having a ct scan annually is a helluva huge amount of radiation. I would want to know why an annual one was considered necessary.

Thank you O2trees, this is exactly what I was thinking, I've read recently about the harmful effects of too many CT scans and unless I misheard him my pneumologist seemed to suggest one every year (for how long Iam not sure, but still that sounds excessive)

I intended to try and see another pneumologist just to get a second opinion on many of the questions I asked, hopefully my gp here in France won't mind refering me to another pneumologist.

Good luck KD :)

Thank you 02 :)

healthunlocked.com/blf/post... hi KD this member has bullous read through some of his postings ok.

Wow that's a great post TisBAme, thanks for linking, gives us hope doesn't it ? thank you so much !

iam going to read his previous posts too, see if I can learn anything !

hi with david 1968 his D O B ,, fev 1 was at over 81 which is good, now u are fev 96 if i rember right, so age is a factor you could be younger but with any lung problems as we no age really doesnt count some of the time really KD, have a read through his postings though .

Iam reading them right now, I cant thank you enough for having thought of me. Iam truly touched by your gesture

Thank you, i tried the calculator but not sure how to read the results ant not sure what they mean by number of exams, for example if you went for a chest x ray and they took 3 pictures does this count as 1 exam or 3 ?

I wasnt sure what the most important result number was either: for example, additional can risk = 0.047901 which sounds low but next to it it's written 1 in 2088, does that mean 1 cancer out of 2088 will be caused by the CT scan ? It's adding to my anxiety, not sure I should use the calculator, maybe I should just avoid scans as much as possible and that's it

Thank you very much for the link ! Appreciate your help with this ;)

I didnt scroll down to the bottom of the page where it explains better what the numbers mean, thanks again for this tool stilltrucking

Take care

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