Breathlessness awareness

Just spoken to a lovely lady called Natasha from the BLF. She asked if I'd mind answering a few questions and whether I'd mind speaking to a journalist as the BLF are looking to raise awareness of breathlessness, and their new online lung function test.

So we talked about my lung problems, how long I've had them, how they've affected me, how I was diagnosed and if there was any advice I'd give to anyone that was feeling short of breath but was tempted just to ignore it.

I don't mind talking to others about my problems. Why should I. Got nothing to hide. And I don't mind speaking to a journalist to help the BLF raise awareness of lung diseases - as long as the journalist is not from The Sun!

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  • Good for you Symes. You could well encourage others to seek help sooner rather than later. Hope it all goes well. Xxxx

  • There's a lot of things I'd like to do with this Sassy - disspell the myth that you can't get COPD if you're under 35 for one. And yes, encourage folk to not ignore breathlessness and get checked out by their GP as soon as possible. Thank you :) xx

  • That is good. Have seen the BLF breathing test advertised all over facebook in the last couple of days.

  • Thanks :) its good that the BLF are finally starting an awareness campaign. Especially in this heat and humidity, its all the more prevalent I think.

  • I was asked too, but sadly turned it down. I so wanted to be able to tell my story but it all felt a bit too public in the end. Well done on you for doing the publicity - its so important people understand and question what their bodies are telling them.

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