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Hi all, I have just had an appointment sent through from my employees for occ health , anybody have any info on what they can do or not do with the info they gather, can they use it against me in anyway? I have a fit note which runs out on 2/8/2016, it was for 3 months. I will be going back to my docs for another one as I still have had no contact with my consultant .

Many thanks for any replies x

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  • Hi, your employers have a duty to ensure reasonable adjustments are made. I found OH really helpful in trying to get me the best possible arrangements to continue working for a while - a downstairs office so I did not need to use the stairs, a designated parking spot close to the entrance, etc.

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  • What Toci said. Occ. Health are usually very good at making recommendations to your employers for ways they can help you so you don't suffer at work as a result of your problems. I worked in a call center, for example, and my OH recommended shorter times on the phones, and regular short breaks as and when I needed them.

    That said, it is only a recommendation, and your employers don't have to abide by them, but any decent employer should do.

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  • Like most things it really depends on who you see. I went to OH and saw a doctor who was useless. Appointment only lasted 15mins and report had no useful recommendations. I was due to see him again but objected and said a waste of time. Having discussed this with colleagues I was able to suggest a different person who may be of some help. Ironically new person is not a doctor but a health care advisor. Hopefully the report she writes will have some useful recommendations!

  • Hi I went through this at work several times. Your employers have a duty of care towards you under the health and safety at work act which is why they send you to occupational health. As has been said your employers don't have to listen but if they don't make some reasonable adjustements and try and sack you then you have a good case for a tribunal. Bear in mind though that all adjustments are 'subject to business needs'. I was given 8 days extra sick leave and more breaks if I needed them.

    Make sure you tell OH everything you have wrong with you (even if you think it's minor) and also your current domestic situation if not good. OH are usually on your side and will try their best for you. Good luck. x

  • Occupational health can be very helpful. The person you see will ask you how you manage your job and may suggest some adaptations in the work place to help you. They could suggest practical changes so that you can work at your optimum level without hurting yourself or making your condition worse. And/or they may help you to phase yourself back to work by starting off part-time and building to full-time. Being thrown in at the deep end straight away after a long-term period off sick could make you ill again and they'd want to prevent that

    They will need to know how your medical condition is, and how you cope with the physical demands of your work. Your employer will be advised of their suggestions and will probably accept them

    Hope this helps

  • Hello

    I am an OH Advisor (Registered Nurse, OH Degree etc) so fully qualified and we do often take referrals for employees with identified health issues or possibly irregular attendance/performance concerns. Firstly, it is entirely your call.....you are not forced to attend. Secondly, any info you provide is 100% confidential and this is taken very seriously. The OH advice provides 'work focussed' advice so only reports on the IMPACT your symptoms have. (obviously the Manager may already know the problem but that will not have been via OH and possibly if you yourself have told your Manager) In cases of Thyroid - I would confirm that you are affected with an endocrinological issue which requires regular daily medication and that some of the symptoms can affect energy and stamina, and may take some months to refine the required medication dosage. Hence increased breaks might be advised, flexible starting times and potentially an expected increase in occasional sickness absence until you are fully adjusted onto a level of meds that suits. As others state, it is always a matter for the Business to decide if these sorts of adjustments can be supported, but, as with any diagnosis of Thyroid - hypo or hyper - you would then meet the criteria of The Equality Act (previously DDA) as it is a condition that will exceed 12 months, need regular daily meds and be likely to recur without the use of meds.....that said, if the Business cannot support these recommendations, or if the symptoms do not become better controlled, then the Business seek further OH advice which might then require us to get GP reports to confirm the diagnosis and if it remains a problem regards the impact your health is having on the Business, then in some cases, and it varies hugely, Ill Health retirement or Medical Severance might be the end result - BUT not until all reasonable adjustments have been made and other work roles investigated (scoped) to identify a suitable role......all cases are different....and it is vital you Consent to OH reporting on you and you always have a copy of any reports and complete access to any notes held about you. Do not worry.......I rarely have anyone who becomes long term unfit for work and nearly all of my cases resolve well to the benefit of the Employee....hope this helps

  • I was arimary school teacher when my employer sent me to OH, and the person I saw was very nice. We discussed my job and what I found difficult. This boiled down to playground duty and teaching PE and swimming. His recommendation was that I shouldn't carry out those parts of my job, and the school followed this.

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