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Having problems wiv pumps

Hi a couple of years.ago I was.given a blue pump by my doctor since then I have been given another one.for chronic. copd which I took for a year and it made my chest worst doctor took me of it ive also been to hospital numrous times had 2 chest xrays which were clear how can they say I have.chronic copd when chest xrays.are clear thankyou

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X-rays are normally used to exclude other causes. Have you had a spirometer test or full lung function test, which is the usual test for COPD.

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Yea and.they said that was.ok


Hi luckydon, I was wondering why you were given the blue pump a few years ago.....did you have a cough or were you breathless?

There are a few inhalers that don't suit me but others are OK with them...we are all different.

My chest X-rays are usually clear too, but I have been diagnosed with asthma/COPD, I have hyper inflated lungs.


Ive been on a few preventors but they seem to make me feel worst. 2 days ago they put me on fostair as soon as I take a puff my chest goes tight


Hi knitter I ve had a lot of chest infection but for some reason the doctor just gave me a blue pump


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