Morning all,

I have been looking into Cannabis oil but maybe it is not for me. Mullein though seems to be quite an interesting plant. Has anyone tried it and if so was it of any use or not. Joining this group has at least got me looking into a few things that i never did before but it will still be Que sera sera Doris. Have a nice day.

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  • I have read a bit about this plant and its used for coughs a lot and a multitude of other things but i dont think there is any research available to prove it works.

    Another plant thats suppose to be good for cleaning our lungs is good old watercress made into a soup there is lots of information about that

  • i love watercress!

  • too :-)

  • Think i mus get some haven't had any for a while. Love making soup with it too.

  • I thought i loved watercress till i bought it and realised its mustard cress i like :)

  • I read about mullein about a month ago, went to the local health shop but she told me to come back in automn as this wasn't the season for it. There's plenty on sale all over the internet but haven't tried it yet, sorry I can't help with that. But licorice roots seems to be good, I tried it and it really helps clearing the lungs. Raw garlic helps too I find.

  • I have used Mullein for about 12 years and it always helped me.

    I use licorice too, but be careful as it can lower your potassium levels and cause high blood pressure. Make sure you eat plenty of potassium containing foods.

  • Thank you kflatt.

    Do you buy it online or make you own. I have seen this plant in the wild in England but here in Italy I have yet to spot it. Today I will ask the girl in the local herbalist if she has any Te` di Verbasco or any dried flower of the mullein. Tried the Apple Cider last night and my breathing is easier this morning but I think that is a coincidence as it is much, much too early for any benefit to be contributed to the apple cider. Possibly not getting up until 8.30 instead of 6.30 this morning has more bearing on it. That was nearly as good as a weeks holiday. Ha Ha.

    Wishing you well.

    Ciao now now. R.

  • I meant did you make your own tea,not make your own mullein.Ha Ha.

  • Hi. I buy capsules from my local health store and then open one and empty it into my mouth. I also do that with licorice as licorice is activated by saliva - so swallowing a licorice capsule is rather pointless.


  • I have taken Mullein. I see a famous herbalist in Ireland who has given it to me. It's very sweet and good to ease a cough

  • Hi mermanyouwoman (how did you get that name?),

    anyway, I am 74 and have severe copd, after much research, I have started using cannabis oil and I have to say, I have never breathed easier than I do now. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly works for me and many others. There is a lot of very extensive research on medical marijuana and many positive results for it's use, and a very good source of information is on Facebook. Just search for "Treating COPD with Cannabis".


  • Thanks Terry,

    You have put in an extra r in. Me Man You Woman. From

    Adam I think,Ha Ha. Now we have cleared that up can you tell me where you buy your oil. I have looked on facebook but how do I sort the scams as there must be many about.. especially when they claim C.O will cure cancer.

    Grazie a millie.

  • Hi Terry. Can you tell me how to get hold of this? My Doctor says he licenced to prescribe for MS sufferers only. Tony

  • I use mullein tea 3 times a day with a little honey in. Buy big bags from Amazon! Notice a big difference in mucous if I stop using it.

  • Hi All

    William here i was diagnosed with I.P.F. about 2 years ago i get a bit breathless walking up 45 stairs to my flat but soon recover, but suffer much more in cold weather, recently i have developed pain in both my shoulders and gets more painful in bed, is this to do with I.P.F.

    Would like to hear from you.



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