Good or bad?

Hi all,

I hope posting this is ok but I'm not sure where else to ask:

I've been feeling a bit breathless and fatigued this past few weeks. Thought it was because of poor sleep and hayfever (I get post-nasal drip and sore throats). Blew into a spirometer (following all the instructions). The following average came through after three separate sessions on separate days using 6 blows each time:

FVC: 4.06

FEV1: 3.62

PEFR: 11.39

Caucasian male, 44 years old, 80kg 5'10". Gave up smoking at 25 after circa 7 years.

As far as I can tell this isn't very good. Should I bother my GP or am I getting a bit worked up about nothing? I can brisk walk and jog on the treadmill for ages without really feeling anything. It's more when I'm stationary. I have pretty bad anxiety so can never tell whether or not it's all in my head or not.

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice :)


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Welcome Tom and l would say there is no harm in getting checked over just to see if anything is going on. Xxx

Those figures look pretty good to me, but we can't diagnose you over the net. If you are worried you need to see your doctor. x

Thanks so much for replying, the both of you. It means a great deal to me.

Yes, I'll go to see the GP and keep my fingers crossed. I spent a morning working in a room filled with a heavy cloud silica dust a couple of years ago and have been slightly concerned that it did some sort of damage. Only one way to find out for sure.

BTW, do either of you use a spirometer at home?I picked up this little contec sp10 device to do the measuring but have no idea if it's actually accurate.

Hi I doubt very much a morning working in a silica dust filled room would have any effect on your lungs as they are much more robust than that! Most smokers who get copd have smoked for far longer than 7 years too.

I have never heard you can buy a spirometer machine for use at home coz the one the doctor uses is a big machine and measures lots of things which need interpreting by a trained person. There is no point in worrying over it until you see the doctor as anxiety can make breathing problems worse. x

Hi, would suggest gp appt, and see if you can get an across the board blood test done. It could be anything which is causing it.

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