New washing machine

New washing machine

Well it's here and connected by a lovely delivery chap ,no problem,in fact nothing was a problem for him ,he even put the table and chairs back in place for me ,great service from ,,,,Debenhams plus ,,,,all I've got to do now is ,,,,,get myself off to university to gain a degree in ,,,," using your new washing machine " ,,,I'm not joking ,all the knobs,buttons,lights etc ,,,,,I'll probably end up circling the earth at any given moment ,,,oh I'm in luck ,,,,just found a button that says " push/wash ,,,,here goes ,

Is it possible to claim back the vat on a washing machine ??

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  • heh heh....wonderful ...and what good service from Debenhams, and what a nice man. I'll remember that.

    Must confess Georgina, I only use the 20 minute programme for everything except tea towels and white towels - they go on for a nearly two hour thingie. Bells and whistles are not for me but they are there if you can work out how they operate.

    Sorry -I know nothing about claiming back vat - I didn't know it could be done in this get your washing on the line - looks like it is ready for final spin!


  • Hi ,Jennifer ,,,,I've now found a 20 minute cycle that will suit me ,like you I only need a hot wash for bedding and towels ,all the other buttons etc will just be for show haha ,

  • heh heh .........That's the way to save us some money isn't it. I like 20 minute washes:-) Too many confuses me. I think there is money to be made for any manufacturer who produces a simple washing machine with just two or three programmes/buttons - like BBC1 BBC2 and ITV. :-D :-D :-D About once a month I run the machine empty on the hottest possible wash and it stops any build up of anything smelly in the pipes. I was buying that stuff that cleans the machine until someone gave me this tip and it works for me, so more monies saved.

  • Me to Jeniffer ,that's what I do ,let's get our heads together and design one ,,,,second thoughts ,,,let someone else do it ,haha ,,,,technology eh ,,,,,we could do without it. ,,,then again we wouldn't have the Internet ,,,,now where would we be without that ,xx 😘🍺πŸ–₯πŸ’»

  • Up the creek without a paddle? No - at this time in the morning I'm hunting around for something to read, having just finished a really exciting book, and my delivery of new ones has not arrived from hoo.

    By for now :-)

  • Nanny1086 if I was you I'd just put a nice cloth over it and admire it good luck though lol.

  • Hahaha ,at least I've switched it on haha

  • Hi nanny

    But did you remember to put the dirty clothes in and washing powder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • Just about Velvet ,,, it did take a while to find out where the powder and conditioner went ,,,,think I'll stick to the capsules haha,😘

  • Give her chance velvet - early days yet :-) Sorry Nanny...

  • :-D :-D :-D nice one Titchy!

  • Very nice Nanny and you will soon get used to it. Keep the instructions handy.

    No idea about claiming VAT back sorry. Xxxx

  • Mmmm thank you sassy ,I think I'll get the instructions laminated haha ,they are attached to the fridge by magnets at the moment ,haha ,,,,hubby says forget about the vat ,,moo much hassle ,xx

  • πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  • Hi. As far as I know people with certain ailments/disabilities can claim back VAT on certain items, but usually just of a medical nature. Certain equipment, possibility mobility aids in some cases but not washing machines. Even though they are a necessity. ☺

    Enjoy your new machine.


  • Thanks for the advise Kathy ,,, somewhere in the back of head I thought it was possible as I also have ulcerative colitis ,,,, and some years ago ,,,I thought I read it ,,,,,anyway hubby says he can't be bothered mπŸ‘πŸ˜€

  • that looks a smart one , but didn't realise it was your birthday .

  • You are very naughty ,,,,,I might even warn Dawn what your buying her for her birthday ,,,,,haha ,,,,if I got that for my birthday there would be big problems ,,,,hubby might like a new mower etc ,,,,,not me ,,,Jewelery only for my birthdays ,,haha ,,,,,

  • us men are so much easier to please than you women , I would be quite happy with any machinery to made the jobs in the garden easier, well im not buying her a new washing machine I might get a new door catch and fit on for her as our boy snapped the old one a couple of weeks ago and we have to use a screw driver to undo the door at the min ,

  • Your all heart mmzetor,,,,where's the romance for your Dawn gone ,,,,,go on ,,,flowers and chocolates,,,,,men like ,,,,,things that minimise work around the house and garden ,,,,,women ,,,,,dont,πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±

  • didnt you know that's why we have a wife so it minimises the work round the house for us ,it just so happens I bought her flowers at the weekend I got some lovely fuchsia plants hardy ones so they come back each year bit of a bargain too they was reduced at the garden centre 3 for Β£2.00 so bought 18 then I got her a lavatera shrub , some other perennials and two rose bushes and two clematises so you see most men buy their wife flowers to put in a vase that only last a couple to three weeks hers will last all summer and come back for many summers to come ,

  • Sounds good to me - that is what I would like to have bought for me - a plant for my garden, and if someone had lots of money, a pump for when we get flooded in the winter. Bet your garden is looking good now M. How are the tomatoes - plenty here but none red. Can't stop the mini cucumbers growing ...... today I'm having to make a couple of gallons of bread and butter pickle. Picked a big bunch of dill yesterday. I'm a sucker for dill - much like a cat is for catmint. My solution for growing courgettes has worked fine, nothing trailing on the ground and just one ready at a time..

  • hi Jennifer the garden is getting there now lawn still bit patchy but lot better , flowers now starting to come out ,all the roses I moved have finally shot out some are in flower and some are in bud so wont be long before they come out , the tomato plants are touching the greenhouse roof now so have nipped the tops out of the plants there are tomatoes on them and getting the right size now but think it will be a while before they go red , still a lot of flowers on them as well that need to set , cucumbers were really slow to get going but are doing ok now the cucumbers are just starting forming on them ,

  • I like to hear how everything is coming on. What you have achieved over a short period of time is amazing M:-)

  • Well done ,I bet Dawn loves them and it sounds like you got a few bargains for your new garden ,,,all we want now is a nice planting day ,,, πŸ€”For you ,,,,,while Dawn has a pampering day πŸ’…πŸ½πŸ’‡πŸΌπŸ’„

  • you don't stop do you , first its get her flowers now its a pamper day , im surprised you haven't bankrupted your hubby years ago

  • Sssshhhhh

  • At least Dawn will have something to bury you under you bloody tight wod. You should go and buy her a Bosh like mine 15 minuet cycle 1400 spin speed just think of the electric you would save lol

  • Hahaha ,,,,

  • He's been watching far to much blue peter knowing him he will but a tin of white paint and make some new knobs out of milk bottle tops πŸŽ¨πŸ˜‚

  • its got a short wash cycle on it , nothing wrong with the old machine just need a new door catch cost around a Β£10,00 and I can fit it my self

  • How old is it do they still make parts for it πŸ˜„

  • course they do its not over old

  • you would put Ebermeezer to shame πŸ˜†

  • Wish I'd have know you were such a talented handy man ,,,,,you could have fixed mine. ,, πŸ˜€

  • amazing the things you can find out how to repair on you tube , found out how to repair the cooker on there , when the heating element went wrong ,

  • Talented eh ,

  • Oy!

  • Hi Nanny,

    I, like you only ever use 1 quick programme for everything except towels & t/cloths.

    Think I filed my instruction book within an hour of machine arriving. Just looked up the quick programme, extra spin, on & off buttons.

    Do you know loads of ma chines don't have the 'quick' programme anymore. Reckon they have cottoned onto us eh! Maybe they have shares in the lecky company's? also the youngster seem to use tumble dryers all the time not washing lines. What's happened to the world!

    Happy washing.

  • Had a dryer years ago epwhen I was working ,,,,but I think most of my income went to pay the electric bills for it ,,,,but I only had it a couple of years and gave it to a neighbour who had just had a baby ,,,,I love to see my nice clean washing blowing on the line ,old fashioned ,,,? Maybe ,,,but there's nothing wrong with that ,,,,all we need is a couple of buttons whites ,,,,colours ,,,,quick wash ,,,,and an on off button ,,,,and that's it ,

  • Nothing like the loud snap of a snowy white sheet getting caught by the wind:-)

  • Totally agree x

  • we hardly every use our dryer either , in winter we use to put it on airers in the spear room and on the landing people say you shouldn't as its bad for our breathing I tell them its not as bad as it is when I put the dryer on and watch the electric meter spinning round

  • Joking aside Malcolm, I don't think having damp washing ie wet towels hanging around the house is good for you, so it's a false economy. You want to live long enough to spend all the money you save in other ways!

  • I don't know look at the old people who lived well into their 80s /90s / years ago who had lining lines in their kitchens before they had dryers , with open fires often blowing the smoke back into the rooms , as their only bit of heat ,

  • WE had a rack in the kitchen and one in the living room - they were great - and the open fires took any damp away in those days. All you young ones don't know what you are missing. heh heh

  • We had one to ,and open fires ,,,,it wasn't all brilliant back in the day ,,,,wash day was ,,A WHOLE DAYS WORK with the copper in the corner ,and the old dollytub,,and mangle and the rack over our heads as we ate tea ,πŸ€”

  • yes that's when women could have done with a pamper day not now when all they do is press a button and sit on their bum waiting for it to finish all washed and spun for them , sitting there thinking what next can I hint to hubby to buy me ,

  • Glad I can see a tongue poking out opf your cheek Malcolm! Wouldn't give you tuppence for a pamper! no disrespect to those who like pamper days - I do not like to be touched, only by those I love.


  • Awwww I do like a pamper day ,,,it's a day I share with my daughter ,,,just the two us catching up on everything ,x

  • It really dosent take me that long to think what hubby can by me next ,,,,it's already planted in my mind and I've started dropping the hints ,,,,,

  • How true - wash day WAS a full wash day and had to be completed before the next operation could commence.

  • we still had the open fire till we moved with the linen horse sitting by it drying the clothes

  • You might be onto something ,,,,I'm sure I've heard or read that a damp towel in the room is as good as air purifiers

  • well they do say put a bowel of water in the room to stop the air being dry from the central heating

  • they are just too lazy to hang it out on the line my eldest use to moan and groan if we made him hang out his washing when he lived at home , after he got his own house it wasn't long before he was putting a washing line up in the garden think he soon realised how much dryers cost to run lol

  • agree Jennifer-s

  • Hello butterfly - I'm sorry - I don't know which post you mean. This system is the pits to me - I never know who I am talking to or answering a question

  • Hi Jennifer-S,

    I think I was agreeing with you, something about washing & drying stuff that you had said on Nanny's chats - to be honest I can't really remember now. I get so confused on this site, must be an age thing eh! I don't know who I am talking to or answering either!

    I am really not into this tech stuff that is the world today. People don't talk, just push keys. !

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