Hopefully I'm ok

53 today. Severe COPD a few weeks ago I got a phone call from a consultant from Ulster hospital. I had been for an CT scan cos I was coughing up some blood. The results came in showing a 11 mil nodule , they had me in next day for a bronchoscope. Had to wait another 2 weeks for a PET scan at the Royal hospital Belfast.

Results came through the next day and they don't know what it is however it had shrunk from 11 mil down to 8 mil. He told me he doesn't think it's cancer as it has shrunk so he's booked me in for another CAT scan in 3 months it's still kind of worrying lol

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  • It would be worrying Nige because you know the nodule has shrunk but not really what it is. I just hope that it continues to shrink.

    You take care xxxx

  • Yes, three months is a long time when you're worried about something. But as it had already shrunk, that's certainly reason to be optimistic. Plus, if the doctors were really worried about it, they wouldn't have put the scan off for three months. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Hello Nige,

    The good news is that whatever is it is shrinking and that must be a big relief for you. Of course you are worried, but at least you are in the system and hopefully by the time the three months is up it will have shrunk away to nothing. You know what? They can't be all that anxious if the next scan is set for three months time. The news is hopeful, so try and get on with your life until the date comes. 53? Many happy returns of the day young man. Have a good 'un :-)

  • Hi Nige420 try not to worry and enjoy your birthday x

  • Nige Happy Birthday!😁 have a nice day, leave the health worries for the medical people and enjoy yourself! Glad you are being checked over and looked after!😊🌞🌟🌼 huff xxx

  • I agree with above posters, so

    Happy birthday and I hope you've had a good one xx

  • Praying to God that what you have keeps vanishing!

    I also agree with the previous comment, 3 months is a long time! They were seeing me every 3 months when finally I said "no more! You aren't only thinking about me every 90 days!" You won't get anywhere. Express your worries, and demand another scan in at least 6 weeks!

    You're in my prayers,

    God bless

  • Sounds like they are doing the right things. Good it is shrinking. Hope you see it shrink more at the next scan - maybe it will have gone by then. GOOD LUCK

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