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New on here. ( level 2 )

I stopped smoking 3.5 years ago and 2 years ago i was diagnosed with copd, i was shocked and it did not help my already acute depression.

I have just finished my last session at pulmonary rehab and have to say it has helped me understand my copd and how to deal with it on a daily basis.

I have bought my own weights and bench and train 3 times a week and combine it with steady walks.

Im 61 and married 25 years.

I'm on Salamol and Relvar Ellipta dry powder.

Like most here i have really good days and not so good.

I have now excepted that i must keep trying and never give up.

Be as well as you all can be and stay safe.



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Welcome Coll993 and keep taking good care of yourself. Seems as if you are doing the right things. Take care xxxx


Ho Coll and welcome to the board.

Your at the same level as me, I was diagnosed properly in Jan 2012 although I had a Spiro in 2002, which showed I had the starting of it and wasn't actually told what is was, just told to stop smoking. Stupidly. I only stopped for 2 years. I finally stopped for good, in Feb 2014.

You are going to do well, managing this disease by the sound of it. I struggle with exercise, due to other diseases, yet, I'm still doing well.

Enjoy the forum, it is the friendliest on the net. xx


Thanks casper 99

Hardest thing stopping the backi for sure, well done. xx

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Welcome to our family Coll. With your good attitude, you'll keep that copd, where it belongs. Sounds like you've got the situation under control. We're here for you, if you have any questions. Rubyxx 😊


Well done Paul ! Sounds like you've got everything well under control.


Hi coll993 welcome to the site nice to hear such positive thoughts keep it up best wishes.


Welcome Paul, glad you are taking a good fighting attitude to this copd , exercise is great for improving your lungs, stay focused get the right vitamins, all the very best, huff xxx


Hello and a warm welcome Coll993. I think you are certainly on the right track in looking after yourself, and also sounds as if you have whatever was causing the depression in hand too so extremely well done. You've had a lot to cope with and are sounding very positive now.

Wishing you the best of everything, and don't forget we are here for each other if you need help, advice or even just to talk. You could not be in a better place.


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Welcome Coll

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the site and keep the positive attitude !

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Hi I'm val just resent told I have C.o.p.d first time with the nurse today I've been given a blue inhaler and a green inhaler today she said I'm in stage 2 so I'm new to this I've stopped smoking 8 week now be well as you can x


Well done stopping smoking its not easy.

Has the nurse told you about Pulmonary rehab? I finished mine monday just gone and it is a help. You get to meet other people with COPD and other type's of lung issue's.

Im finding this group on here very helpful too, they friendly and helpful. :-)

Catch you later and be strong. xx

Sorry Valerie01, im paul.

Have you done aNY research on treating cops with cannibis oil? It is doing wonders for my husband who has chronic copd...

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Thanks1 No i havent looked into it but will give it a look see.

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