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Headline in today's sun with regard BLF new Lung Heath breath test website.

Of curse with me being in denial I though gosh headline was bit strong BUT if that's what it take to get msg across with regard lung health well why not.

I must say I reached depths of my Bowles to muster up oz of courage TO do test and I must say did help and was good reminder of things I forgot to ask my doctors.

Was very easy to do understand WITH big buttons for those half blind and or those with vitamin D deficiency tremors like myself.

Here is BLF new lung BreathTest : breathtest.blf.org.uk

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Hi Hidden i did the test and I am now completely cured!!! Yippee!! Mind you I did tell a few porkies. Lol

Thanks for the info. It would have been even more useful if I'd had it a few years ago then I might have gone to the Doctors sooner. Don't think it would have made any difference to my condition though.

Regards. John

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I do wish they wouldn't keep going on about lung problems kill one person every five minutes which must scare people! I have had lung sarcoidosis for 37 years and very bad scarring on lungs, similar to Pulmonary Fibrosis, for 12 plus years, and am still going strong, and happily so, at 72.


I was 40 with end stage lung dieases.

Might scare people but like you say this is lung site and is sad reality lung diease suffers are geting younger dieing younger.

Personaly i think if thats realities it takes to raise awarness am all for it.

Is very sad most other diseases are making in roads at gettng nummbers down yet lung dieases is on up and as not changed in over 20 years.


I wish they would stop putting so much stress on coughing. I can remember about 5 or 6 years ago there were TV adds saying 'if you have a persistent cough etc. go to the Doctor' at the time I was a heavy smoker and yes did get a bit breathless and maybe could not walk as far or fast as previously but put it all down to getting older what I did think though was well it could not be the smoking or a lung problem as I DID NOT COUGH - of course it all caught up with me and 3 years ago when after being hospitalized in a very bad condition was diagnosed Stage 3 COPD - I still believe if those ads had only put less stress on the coughing and more on the other symptoms I may have sought help earlier as I feel the coughing stress gave me a false sense of security. I do not blame anyone but do not want others to make the mistake I did.

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