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The HYPOCRISY When It Comes To Tackling ASBESTOS in SCHOOLs

The HYPOCRISY When It Comes To Tackling ASBESTOS in SCHOOLs

Since the scandal of ASBESTOS in SCHOOLs very little as changed for our kids in schools or even the greater publics working environments when it comes to how asbestos is managed maintaintained in public places.

ONE notable change would be how very little as since ASBESTOS in SCHOOLs reports finding's.

BUT MPs took a proactive approach when it comes to asbestos in and there place of work.

Am I just being cynical or do I have just cause given asbestos material I constantly coughing up.

I guess it boils down to good old fashioned hypocrisy o and mean's

But one thing i know for sure trying to cough asbestos up you need more than a over counter lictus sore throat meds to get rid of that pain and cough

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It's in a lot of public buildings built around the 60s. When I temped in a telephone exchange building as a 192 call handler, we were told not to press pins into the walls because of the asbestos. But it's particularly cavalier to ignore it when the health of children is at stake.


Dreadful JAS, schools should be a priority. You take care. Xxx


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