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I just got my scanner results today but still have to see my pneumologist in a couple of days. The comments on the scanner talk about moderate emphysema, but it also seems to talk about Bronchectasies, it's all medical words so I dont understand it all.

Iam confused because if my spiro tests were "good" with a FEV1 at 96%, as I understand it I do not have copd because the spiro test define if there is copd or not.

But how can one have a scanner saying emphysema and bronchectasie are present but still not have copd because the FEV1 result was good ?

Does the fact that Emphysema and bronchectasies is mentioned on the scanner results mean that I will inevitably have COPD in the future and my FEV1 results will inevitably fall down or is there still a chance to stay COPD-free ? I would have thought that if you have emphysema and/or Bronchectasie you automatically have copd....

Thank you for reading and hope I made sense !

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  • bronchiectasis is not copd BUT i see what your saying.

    Even tbo you have emphysema and bronchiectasis i don't think would class them as copd.

    Think as something to do with obstructive and restrictive lung disease.

    As to yes you can have mild forms of disease THAT doctors will put down to mean age load toff esp if its not effecting your life that much.

    Doctors only tell you when its server SO you are lucky as you can stay clear of stuff that will make your condition worse.

  • Thanks Jeffajax, Iam sorry to ask these questions here but Iam just afraid the doctor won't have time to answer them when it's time to see him. Often they seem in a hurry or just not willing to take time to explain.

    So glad this forum exists, it keeps me sane right now...

  • Hi this is what forums about asking questions.

    Doctor's do try push you out door but just sometimes have to be as ignorant and stand your ground.

    Can't count how many times the try shoving me out door so ad not worry and make em make time

    Its not like the can throw you out or beat you up :)

  • Ha ha, you made me laugh during this hard time for me. I sure hope I won't end up in a brawl with my pneumologist on wed. Maybe he'll be fine and answer everything, I guess Iam just stressed and have been extremely anxious for the past month.

    Thank you for your time again

  • Most are very good and guess they have bad days too

    I know i forget bout others when am having bad time.

    But yer dont worry and ask your right questions.

    Remember what dont kill ya makes you stronger.

    All the best when you see your lung doc

  • i can never remember which lung conditions are classed as COPD and which aren't . I have been diagnosed with asthma and then COPD ...I think because I smoked when I was young....over forty years ago now.

    Have you tried ringing the BLF helpline for advice....they may have time to talk to you before your appointment ...that is if you live in the UK.

    Could you make a short list of questions to ask your pneumologist.

  • Thank you for your time Knitter. Iam in France so I doubt I can use the BLF services but I appreciate the suggestion very much.

    I have a HUGE list of questions on a folder in my computer, I will have to choose the most important ones before going in on wed otherwise the pneumologist WILL throw me out of the office for sure lol.

  • He might with him/her being French .... French are well versed from my experience so am sure you will be fine

    Like the say in UK bonne chance.

  • lol, yes they can be very grumpy.

    Merci, a bientôt ;)

  • Merci :)

  • COPD is a blanket term which covers chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. COPD patients can have one of these or all 3 (as I have)

    Anything else isn't classified as COPD

  • Hi KD I have always understood copd to be an umbrella term for emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Sometimes asthma is included as well. I am not sure if it is different in other countries like France. I hope you get a diagnosis soon. x

  • Thanks Bev, me too I always thought Emphysema = copd but everywhere I look, and god knows I've looked everywhere in the last month it clearly states that copd is diagnosiSed with the spiro test only, including FEV1 and VEMS results. If those results are within the normal range then its not copd. Iam just confused as to why emphysema is present but a copd diagnosis is ruled out because of the "good" test results in the spirometry tests.

  • I am puzzled too KD. I think all of us would kill for a lung function as good as yours! Maybe it just means background emphysema? More a wake up call than anything serious. Having said that I would much rather have a diagnosis of mild copd than any other lung disease apart from asthma which I also have. x

  • Iam aware a lot of the lovely people on here have worst readings and count myself lucky so far, which is why I was surprised by the scanner finding Emphysema. After those good results at the spiro test I was secretely hoping that my scans would be clear and some sort of mistake was done in the initial xray study so I was very disapointed when I saw that emphysema is present when looking at the ct scan results. Perhaps it's mild so far (they say moderate on the scan comments). I just dont know what to think any more, Am I ok, sick, very sick ? it's all so frustrating.

  • hi my understanding its mine like, people are given xrays , then a scan en its the scan what shows any damage and dx, then back to the gps for a spiro test to see how good or bad it is,, at 96 fev as yours is which to me is very good really, did you have your spiro test at the gps or the hospital,, a no it goes as well of age, things like that, but am no expert hear really just going of others what have been through it, scan,, then of to the gps really, are you on any inhalers then Kad , have you any chronic cough or chronic syptoms Kad , as for doing your head in me i would wait tlll id seen who it is you are seeing really, do you feel ill or sick Kad have you any chronic signs , any meds have you been given so far to help you , in france Kad you can ring BLF up with your ares code a quick call to a well trained BLF nurse who am sure will put you at ease as they have many others from around the globe Kad .. so dont worry eh .

  • could be cough border line copd very border line at 96 fev 1 ,, agree there on the reading of 96 ,

  • Thank you. I had my spiro test done at the pneumologist office, in a glass box. I might call the BLF at some point if they are ok with me calling from France, it's just over here there's a lot less resources available online and on the telephone for copd sufferers. That's why Iam mainly on this forum, people are friendly and knowledgeable.

    I had the xray done first, then quick spirometry at the pneumologist and finally the ct scan of which I got the results today, I will see the pneumologist on Wed. The only time I've seen him he was friendly but just told me not to worry too much as with my spiro results he said it will be fine. I dont have any inhalers yet, I will see what he says on wed.

    I dont cough at all but I do produce mucus which i spit out but not through a cough. I had a lot of mucus coming up before all the tests and that was one of the reasons I went to have that chest x ray in the first place as I thought it want normal to spit out so much mucus. I stopped smoking a few days after I've seen the pneumologist as I was so scared about all this and since then I spit out mucus daily but a lot less than before I quit smoking.

    It's difficult for me right now to differentiate between being SOB because of my lungs issues and being SOB because of anxiety and panic attacks. Also I take a few xanax to help me with the stress of it all and noticed that I feel more sob after taking them but I think other people here experienced the same thing with these types of medication.

  • hi ive never had stress issues nor so far cough nor anxity issues really ,, but any health problem can cause anxity an stress happen thats with you it lays Kad , thinking the worse when in reality a fev 96 is very good, on hear were no doctors none , but advice, an me i would say you are or could be very border line emp very though and anxity will make you feel much worse, you need to step back ok from the internet and live a little and stop thinking the what ifs what arents, til you see how it is you are seeing eh,, just chill and relax, as for the BLF there hear and will put your mind at ease ok, never heard of xanax i dont take out like that KAD .what are xanax and what do you take em for Kad .

  • You're right, I should step back from the internet a bit. I guess Iam not alone doing this but since this whole emphysema thing started I've been searching evrything about it, even reading complicated medical studies. In a way, I've learned a lot about it and that's good because doctors dont say much except stop smoking but on the other hand it might have filled me with dread and anxious thoughts. I'am already very anxious by nature so that doesn't help, but Iam also caring and have other qualities !!

    Xanas is medication to calm you down, i didnt use to take these but I started taking them a month ago after my first Xray.

    Thanks to everyone who replied, I realise not talking about it to my family makes me feel lonely and helpless but I dont want to worry them, I've worried them a lot lately with my depression and anxiety and didnt want to add this whole emphysema thing in the equation. In a way, you were like my second family here, replacing the one I cant talk to about my fears and stress.

    Thank you all so much for being there for me, I will try to stop looking for too much stuff about copd from now on, I guess it was about trying to take control in a situation where I dont have much control but realise this can be unhealthy too.

    Hope everyone has a good evening and a peaceful night

  • its ok thats why sites like this are founded ,, to air fears, worrys, money problems all sorts really ,and you have a ok evening as well eh,

  • hiyou can always email the british lung foundation KD as you said you spend time on the net, so quick email to them eh.

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