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Most people with c.o.p.d will cough up Mucous, varying in Quantity and Colour.It becomes troublesome when it becomes difficult to expectorate.I retired last Summer from a very long Career as a Respiratory Nurse.However I have recently been diagnosed with mild c.o.p.d, and Cardiomyopathy.As my Oxygen Saturations and SpirometryTests are good, there's no advantage in using Inhalersif I'm not Symptomatic.They are more interested in treating the Cardiac Issue? Most people with excess Mucous will be advised to drink plenty of Water, it certainly things secretions , which eases getting rid of it.Depending how you feel, more breathless, coughing more, a change in Sputum colour can all be indicative of an Infection brewing.Everyone becomes used to. What is normal for them, often before a Clinician n.If upon listening to a person's Chest there are no Crackles , then that's a positive indication.Catching Infections before they get a grip, beats Hospital Admissions whereby cross Infection is more likely.There. are lots of lovely people on this group with a wealth of personal e.Xperia.evidence, Take Care a nd good luck 😆 .

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Hey thanks 19441934, that's a very good and detailed reply.....and coming from a respiratory nurse, no less ! I definetely understand a bit more about that whole mucus thing now.

After quitting smoking a couple of weeks ago I have to say I expected a lot more stuff to come out by now so not sure if its because my lungs are badly damaged that I dont spit out more of the stuff. The funny thing is a couple of month before I stopped and got the possible emphysema diagnosis (still waiting on CT scan result) I was spitting out a lot more which is why I went to have that chest x ray done, but since I stopped it's not coming up as much.

Thanks again for explaining all this !

Iam glad you also brought up the fact that you're not using inhalers since you have no symptoms as this was a subject I was thinking about lately. Iam still waiting for my Ct scan results which may confirm emphysema. The thing is I don't think I really feel SOB that much so far, what prompted me to have that first chest Xray was the fact I was producing and spitting out a lot of mucus (a lot less since I quit) and the fact that I was a smoker for so many years.

I dont know yet what the scan results are and what the doctor will eventually prescribe but I am wondering if I should really take inhalers if I dont really feel SOB.

To be honest the whole SOB thing is a bit of a grey area for me, I've suffered from panic attacks and social anxiety for years and one of the side effects was difficulty in breathing every day when having panic attacks. Having quit smoking recently I obviously feel a lot more anxious due to withdrawal symptoms and because I had the emphysema thing thrown in. So to this day Iam still not sure if I really feel SOB or if I'am just having panic attacks, albeit on a massive scale due to quitting and the worry about Emphysema. I wouldn't be too keen in taking the inhalers if I can avoid them for now but at the same time I would be worried that Iam not helping myself and controlling the disease if I dont take them so Iam a bit confused with this so far.

I dint notice that I use a lot more my throat muscles to breathe in the last few months. I walk a lot but dont really feel SOB and when I exercise I feel like I have to take a bigger breath after the efforts using, again, my throat muscles. I wonder if that's enough reasons to start taking the inhalers. Of course I will try to ask the pneumologist but I have so many questions for him Iam not sure I will get to ask all of them.

Write everything that you want to say down and ask everything.

If you don't you will regret it later.

Hello 19441934 ,

What a really lovely detailed and helpful reply.


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