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I am 62. My partner works and we have always paid half the bills each even with the mortgage that we had from him moving into my house and us getting a joint mortgage to do improvements. This is now paid up after 11 years. The DHSS decided I was no longer entitled to any sickness benefit as my stamps had run out, therefore that left me living with My Higher rate mobility money which has to pay my part of the bills and personal stuff and keep my car on the road. My partner pays for anything that needs doing to the house and now buys the shopping and other odd bits. So what I need to know is if anybody here has PIP even though their partner is working or any help apart from HRMobility. Thanks

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Hi pip I not means tested so you can apply for it.

Hi I used to work for the Department of Work and Pension so have some knowledge. Can you give some more information first though please? What is your higher rate mobility? Is it partial ESA, DLA or PIP?

Like ntb says though PIP is not means tested and is a stand alone benefit regardless of what income is already coming into the household. x

Hi Coughalot2 I get DLA which is my only means of income. But I was told as I get DLA I cannot apply for PIP x

Hi you will have to wait until PIP comes to your area unless you want to claim for something different ie not mobility but care. This would be a new claim and would be for PIP.

But (there's always a but) you run the risk of losing any DLA you already have, so it's a bit of a toss up. PIP isn't in my area yet either except for new claims.

I just thought. Are you state pension retirement age coz this could make a difference. x

The changed the age of pensions so I cannot get one until 2019... which means I will probably never get one.... sorry to sound morbid but fact is fact . x

Me too. I am 62 now and am due to get mine in 2019 as well but last thing I heard is that they are trying to put our retirement age up to 66. I hope not as I am living in poverty now and don't think I can do another 4 years. x

Morning I will be 62 Dec this year and I don't get my state pension until 2020 x

I was 62 in January and due to get mine in May 2019 at 65. I have heard though that they want to put it up to 66 for me now! I hope they don't. x

Jjnanna I just turned sixty and I don't think you're being morbid I don't get my pension until I'm sixty six but I think that's why the goverment raised the age,so that some of us wouldn't collect our pensions

Yes I reckon they must look at the statictics first before they decide what age to put it up to. Also the extra money for heating ... although my partner gets it I am the one all alone indoors in the winter and even wrapping up well I still get cold but hate putting the heating on all day as it gets so stuffy by tea time. I do try and spend my afternoons out at a friends or round the shops.

Hi coughalot2 maybe you could help me with I have applied for ESA and I have to send a sick line in by next Friday but I can't get an appointment with my GP until the 27th of July. X

Yes ring your surgery back and tell them the situation. They might be able to get a doctor to ring you and they can do it on the phone.

Otherwise ring the DWP and ask them what to do. x

Thank you coughalot. I did explain it to the reseptionist. And she said you have to see GP . But I will phone DWP and see what they say x

This is a very good site to get information on Benefits

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