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for those who don't know l had to send a letter of complaint following my two day stay in lind ward. Tests not booked correctly, tests booked but no form and l was not informed that one meant a tube down my nose and monitored. Only a few of the problems. Yesterday, the chief of Pals phoned me to go over the problems l outlined in the letter. He was taken back by what l said, and said once this conversation was finished he was going directly to head of nursing to discuss further. That being the case did l need him to phone back as to what's happening next. Knowing that they have taken it seriously and some if not all the issues will be sorted out, l felt l could leave it in his hands.

He remarked that not many people complain as they are worried how it will effect their treatment, so my letter was an eye opener. True, l may well, have to go back for further tests. In the end , whether u agree or not, if something is wrong, it needs fixing. Especially when it effects your tests, and effects your health issues.

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You did the right thing Pamillia and it should not affect your treatment. Glad your complaint is being taken seriously. Xxxxx

due back in 6-8 months for further tests see then if things have improved....hope so, for everyone's sake. Thank u for ur reassurance l did the right thing. xxx

Hi pamillia not are only standing up for what is right for yourself you will be benefiting those that follow who would have had to put up with substandard treatment if nothing was done about it.

I wish more people would speak out when things are wrong but most people would worry about how they will be treated in the future by those they complain about.

Well done for standing up and complaining when needed.

Regards. John

hi john. looks like someone's taking my letter seriously. My views if it was any other service offered and the treatment was bad, would u not complain. They are after all , providing a service. Due to the nature of the complaint and it dealing with lives its more important in my view.

So glad you did that. It takes courage. I think sometimes these hospitals with a very good reputation like the RB tend to rest on their laurels and let things slip. I hope you have a good outcome.

Let us know

Kate xx

pamillia you should be very proud of yourself well done for speaking up x

Since I went to town on GP that said pneumonia and sepsis was anxiety .. I have found lot of doctors will not do procedures if they think could be dodgy

I think can be good thing but also could be bad ... Defo agree you need to way up pro's. Con's of any complaint.

Guess it's all down to how shoddy you have been treated AFTER all I would like to be alive lesion learned THAN countless we read about where they say they have learnt but clearly not.

As to pals I don't have much good to say about them

we all deal with things differently. Going by the letter below from a fellow PALS complaint, things do get done.

I am under the Brompton and did have problems a few years ago. Lost notes and unable to contact Consultant's secretary who absolutely did not want to talk to patients. Phone always on voice mail. She even just sent me an appointment with another consultant even though I have been under the same one for over 10 years. I was not happy! I got so fed up in the end that I did contact PALS team. It led to a meeting with head of administration, my consultant and myself. It was a very positive meeting and outcome was very good. So yes, it is always worth complaining, and I do not feel that complaining means that you will be thought of as a nuisance.

u too should give urself a pat on the back. its people like us who feel they have been let down, who pave the way for future people needing to be there. Glad to hear things do get done, u always wonder. Hopefully your now sorted and having a better quality of life.

Thanks Pamillia. I have been a patient for such a long time, and it was admin not medical care that was the problem. there have been no repercussions. And now they are threatening to remove surgery from this amazing hospital, so a huge battle to be fought Jean

had no idea about the removal of surgery, seems silly when u think of the nature of the hosp. Must admit getting the right treatment can be a minefield. hope u get sorted soon.

I have to go in to hospital to have spine blocks { pain injections } under live x-ray. I was called in this time I had to go to the hospital up the road under Gordon Brown we were forced to join this hospital making one trust.

On the day I arrived I was taken to a day room about 10 of us sat in this day room then we were told to go in the toilet to change in to our gown, the toilet was either broken or the floor had not been cleaned.

I had to put on a gown my dressing gown and slippers so I put all paper towels on the floor to walk on because I knew I would walk down to theatre and didn't want to contaminate a clean area.

As I opened the theatre door I heard the guy who was doing the injections say '' my friend has just got back from Afghan and had better operating facilities than we have.

I had my injections and instead of being put in a bed and brought back from the theatre I was put in a wheel chair and brought back to the day room and told to go and get changed in the toilet, I put my slippers in the hospital bin and my shoes in the bin at home.

I rang Palls the next day and told them to get my notes back to our local hospital I was never going back to this hospital again they did tell me we were one trust and some services were only available at one site I said I would rather go without

Good to hear u contact Pals. Not sure l would of gone ahead with op under those conditions

Hope ur on the mend now

I have these injections on a regular basis but always at our local hospital, never had a problem till Gordon Brown made two small hospitals join making one trust just another screw up, our hospital has gone down hill since joining the other hospital

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