LLZ opacity inflame changes!?

Hi Everyone

Although I joined this group....gosh months ago and read a lot of very interesting posts, I was too shy to talk. But now I am in need some advice and/or assurance and I think you guys are the best people to get that from.

I was diagnosed with COPD about 4 years ago now, and like most people with copd I get chest infections and go for regular x rays to keep an eye on things! However, the last x ray came back showing a shadow on the left Lung. They had compared it with another x ray taken 6 months before that was clear. I now have to have another x ray next week. Should I be worried?



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Lesley l have to be honest and say that l would have no idea whether you should be worried or not. I just hope that your X-Ray next week will not show anything untoward.

I do send good wishes to you and do stay in touch. Xxxx

Thank you sassy. I hope so too. I am trying not to worry, but I am not doing very well lol.

I will stay in touch now. xxx

winlesley it's a worry I know but try and think positive good luck for next week x

Thank you for replying Titchy. I am trying hard not to worry and not succeeding! lol

Oh, how worrying for you! But try to keep some perspective. Sometimes an area on a chest x-ray can show as a shadow simply because a few normal organs and blood vessels are at an angle, creating an area of shadow. And sometimes it can be pneumonia, which although serious is easy enough to treat. I think what I am trying to say is don't worry so much - as though that will put your mind at ease! But remember, whatever it is it is not going to be made better by worry. Try to relax and put it in a balance until you see what the diagnosis is, then decide whether or not it is worth worrying over. :) Good luck.

Thank you Toci. Some sound advice there, but easier said than done...I will just have to try harder. Thank you again.

I know, much easier to say than do. Fingers crossed for you. x

Hello Lesley. Whatever we say you will still be worried until you have the results of your next xray. At the moment all we can do is be here for you if you want to talk. The shadow could be any one of a number of things, and I think you have good support there, having regular chest xrays. There is usually someone on here day and night, looking for a chat, asking for advice or just passing comment on posts. Don't feel alone, and do call on us.


Hi Jennifer. Thank you, it is comforting to know there are people ready to talk when I will need it most. Because right now I do feel alone with the worry. I have not told my daughter or son, as not to cause them undue stress when it might not come to anything. I will tell them when it is good news lol. xxx

Hello winlesley I have different conditions to yourself but wanted to say hello and welcome you to this great forum. There's lots of friendly advice and chat here from others who care and understand the daily challenges of living with a variety of health conditions. You are not alone and we can all support each other here. Happy to chat anytime and do keep posting to let us know how you are doing. x

I will Bagpuss. Thank you. x

Hello Lesley. I am so glad you decided to write a post. I am sorry your X-Ray looked suspicious. I am really not sure whether it's anything to be worried about or not. But I know if I were you I would be very worried too.

This is a wonderful forum it has helped me on many a hard day. I wish you all the luck in the world and I will be thinking of you next week. Please let us know how it goes.

Sending a hug and a lucky clover. 🍀

Cas xx 🌷

Thank you Cas for your advice and kind words. i must admit I feel much better about it all, all thanks to the lovely replies I have had. Of course I will let you all know.



Hi Lesley welcome to our family I was in a similar situation six years went for an X Ray and a few days later got a call the GP's wanted another X-ray asap ,told not to worry it was a scar/shadow from nasty chest infections, be positive and do please keep in touch,.Take care God bless naresh62x

Hi Naresh. At least you had a phone call! I was always of the opinion that no news is good news, so after being told to wait 2 weeks for the result to reach my doctors, when I heard nothing I thought well there cant be anything wrong! Needless to say it took me a further 2 weeks to contact the doctor, to be told I needed to make an appt to see her. The report of the xray was sent the next working day to the doctors but I received no call! I now have no trust in them. It only good thing about not hearing sooner, is I have had less time to worry lol. Regards Lesley

Morning Lesley

I am sorry you have this worry. And you have had excellent advice from others about it. We all worry about these things, you would have to be a saint or a psychopath not to. Please don't beat yourself up for worrying, you are human and have human responses to these things. All I can add is what I do in similar circumstances: which is live with the worry; explore it; allow it some space in my head; work out the 'what ifs'; the worst case scenarios. Once I have done that I find it easier to let it go. But my take on it is somewhat unusual. Yesterday someone on the site said I was weird. So be it.

All the best and let us know how things go for you

Kate xxxx

Well Kate, if you are weird, then so am I lol. But I have had a lot of good advice and I am more relaxed about it. Thank you



Hello Winlesley, there is no simple answer to your question. As suggested worry won't help but we all do worry when things change with our health. X-rays can be wrong due to many things or it could be something quite easy to put right. It is not uncommon to get unclear X-rays when we have COPD. So I hope the Xray next week puts yoiur mind at rest, take care and best wishes. xx

Thank you Katie. I am starting to think that way now, all thanks to the replies from you lovely people on here. xxx

Winlesley, firstly of course you are worried, it's a very natural response initially.We hear the description "Shadow" and alarm bells sound.A shadow is indicative of many possibilities, most are not of sinister origin.Infection, Scarring, Nodes are quite common on the Lung and are not significant.Cysts on the Lung, a change in your Lung due to c.o.p.d. All are possibilities and more besides.Not all Infections cause symptoms, and upon repeat X_Ray very often resolve.I have mild c.o.p.d, diagnosed in May.I'm also a Qualified Respiratory Nurse which does not make things easier, however it's taught me there is often no cause to go into "Fright or Flight Mode".Try to some relaxation , nice relaxed shoulders and easy breathing.Make a note of questions you want to ask.I'm sure you are having good care and support for your c.o.p.d.Requesting repeat chest X_Ray is not unusual, it can also be due to operational Techniques too.Take care and try not to worry Carole, Xx😊 .

Thank you for the advice Carole. I am far more relaxed about it since talking to you all on here. Lesley x

Hiya i had a chest xray about two years ago that showed a shadow on my lung i was scared stiff , i was sent for another one a couple of weeks later and when the results came back the dr told me it was scar tissue . I was then diagnosed with copd which didnt suprise me as i had smoked for 47 years . I have given up the cigs and feel a lot better for it , i know its hard but try not to worry x

Thank you for your reply Marie. I am sure now that is probably what it is, or its gone by the next time I have an xray! I know I have to give up the cigs as well. I am worrying less and less with each conversation. Thank you again.


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