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Hello Christine, of course he misses his Dad.Our animals are very discerning and they are no more resilient to loss than we are, they just can't verbalize their emotions.George Will eventually adjust all being well.For our Tia, I gave her one of my husband's fleeced to lie on, which she used.Animals feel many emotions, and like us need time.George Will , given Time adapt , it's a very difficult time for you all.So many people are thinking of you and sending Healing thoughts and prayers.Grief is not an emotion which can be spared, ourcanimals feel grief and emotions, and need to work through it just as we do , extra cuddles and Time will soften the edges, as Indeed it does for us.Try to rest, do a little at a time, physical exhaustion is relieved by sleep, emotional exhaustion is a longer process, Be gentle on yourself and George, just as Richard will be.He. will always be as close as a Breath away, and No further than a thought.Will speak to you again soon.Hugs and tender thoughts, Xx .

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19441934 what a lovely post. Kind and thoughtful words. Xxxx

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Very much Carole. Aren't there some lovely caring people in our Group.



Very true.


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