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Hi guys, my dad has had end stage copd for the past 6 years but only since August 2015 his health had deteriorate dramatically. He needs o2 during the day and wears a niv mask at night because he retains co2. He started on 0.5 litres of oxygen and about 4 months later it was put up to 1 litre to ensure his stats were 88-92 spo2. He was admitted to hospital on Saturday with high co2 and the usual infection and need of steroids. Yesterday the staff nurse said that the doctor was happy for him to return home and his O2 is being changed from 1 litre back down to 0.5 litres. His O2 levels was hitting 93+ on 1 litre but they'd rather it vary between 88-92. I'm a little optimistic that it's all good being in hospital a super clean environment but things are different at home and we live smack bang middle of steel works. Good or bad decision only time will tell.

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I hope your dad does better when home Melissa and thinking of you both. Xx


Sadly the problem with hospitals, there is a greater risk of infection due to our lowed immune system being unable to combat.

Hello Melissa,

Home is often the best place to be because of less risk of contracting further infection from the many strangers that pass through the hospital wards. It must be doubly difficult for you living where you do. Have you considered an air purifier, at least in the room where your Dad spends more time? I found a link, but am sure there are lots more that some on here could recommend to you.

Wishing your Dad all the very best for his continued improvement.

Hi Melissa,

I think what's happened is that they've reduced your dad's O2 because if you're a CO2 retainer your CO2 can go up if you're getting /having too much O2. It's the high CO2 which will have made him worse and feel more poorly. This is a separate issue from the one of cleanliness and pollution. And others are right - there's a much greater risk of infection in hospitals. I don't know what you do about the pollution but at least the O2 he's breathing isn't polluted!

I hope I'm making some sense and hope your dad feels better soon. Sue x

Yeah the crazy fact is hospital is the worse place for us ...Im in the same situation as your dad and 93 is too high as it will raise his c02 which will make him feel dreadful but it sounds like they have it under control.

Make sure the niv mask is washed to clear germs and the filter at the back of the niv machine is changed regularly....I have an extra bacteria filter that connects on to the tube of my niv machine that picks up any dust thats in the air

We cant do anything about the area we live but keep the home as dust free as possible and avoid the obvious aerosols etc , plus use bedding that is Anti-Allergy

Hello Melissa, I'm pleased your Dad has improved sufficiently to be discharged from hospital.This might sound contradictory but our homes are in fact quite sterile.It's so easy for patients in a hospital environment to be medically fit for discharge, only to pick up a hospital acquired infection, extending their admission.It's impossible to completely avoid unfortunately.I was a respiratory for many years until I recently took retirement.As your Dad retains it is prudent to keep his levels no greater than 92 o/o.He seems to be receiving excellent treatment between home and hospital.N.I.V will give his Lungs the extra support they need without compromising his Co2 Levels.My husband had end stage c.o.p.d for 5years, but developed other Co_ Morbitidies which exacerbated his c.o.p.d.We are all very unique, therefore people can be stabilised and supported for longer, and of course infections being treated promptly.Fluid intake is always important as it helps to thin secretions.I found that the positive attitude of us all was a huge help to my husband and helped to keep him interested and involved.Just to say you are never alone, there's always someone to chat to in this lovely group, 😊 .

Thank you for your comments!

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