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I just came across this on my FB page. Hope its helpful. xx

Thought i would share this, i have been trying to get travel insurance for a holiday/wedding i am going to in Santorini in August. Because i have had cancer i knew it would be difficult, anyway i have tried at least half a dozen insurance companies and the prices were staggering ranging from £2,500 (this is for a single 10 trip) £782, £590, etc etc, the lowest i got was £384. I was so annoyed as i have been clear for over two years and even when they insure you it excludes any pre existing conditions, then a lady i work with did a bit of research and came up with a company called insurancewith, (all one word), i put in all my details yet again and it came back with an unbelievable £22.84!!!!!! Well not believing my eyes i got someone to check it all, then i rang the company and a lady went through it all with me and said that the price was just that. Please pass this on to anyone who has had a serious illness it is brilliant, their phone number is 0845 8 687 234 and the website is

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Very helpful, thank you, I will be arranging our insurance soon, and after a year with various health problems for both my Hubby and myself, I was dreading trying to arrange it.

Thanks again,



Thank you for posting Kathygwanny,we could all do with cheaper insurance take care God bless naresh62x


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