try this for me please and let me know if it helps

found this on a web site it leaves me sort o puff if you cover your mouths with four fingers of one hand I used my left now close the nostril with the thumb now breath n and out through the open nostril it is supposed to help reduce being puffy.

ive tried it most of today but start to look for the extra breath after six or seven intakes

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  • It leaves me gasping!

  • thanks for the reply I made my lung hurt as well as gaspng

  • It's a bit like alternate nostril breathing in yoga.....close one nostril, breathe in through the other v gently and slowly....close that nostril and breathe out through the other.

  • it could have come from that I have been under the hospitals since 1962 never hear of this before hanks for the reply

  • Why do you have to put four fingers over your mouth ? Doesn't it work just as well if you keep your mouth closed ? And if you do have to do the fingers, I presume you use your other hand. Otherwise you're all much more dexterous then me :)

  • thanks for the reply look forward to seeing the posts you get from this

  • That certainly gave me a "laugh out loud" moment! Thanks for that!

  • I did no mean it as ajoke but glad yo enjoyed it

  • Not today squady - breathing is not good so I don't think this will help at the moment. most people seem to be suffering today. will try later in the week.

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