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Had last docs apointment yesterday seen a new doctor well i think she is a docter .

She asked what i was there for wife told her so she checks my chest first front and then back but all she kept doing was pushing my back down on to my lap and the wife holding my top up but as you all know that you find it hard to breath when you are bent over in a chair so i was struggiling to breath she said to the wife i can not find any thing wrong with me at all she said all was fine she asked the wife what meds i needed she told her so as the chemist is next door to the docs she went to pick it up as i went out side with one of my boys well she came out of the chemist with a small bag just big enoght for a blue pump so i said to her whats is that she said your pump which was to be the fostair so she opens it thats not your one she said so she gos back in to chemist and told the woman on the counter that she had given the wrong one so she looked at the papper and she said yes that is what the doctor had put down so back in to the doctors wife gos and told the head receptionist that the doctor had given the wrong piscription . Well in the end a nother doctor had to sort it out for me when we was at the reception desk i said to the wife was she a doctor or a nures as when she was holding my down i was pushing on you to let me up as i could not breath plus she give wrong meds but what i did not know was that the head doctor was in the reception and i think he herd so no more will i see that docter no have i seen her before .

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Sorry you had such a hard time, David. I hope they have things sorted out for you now. She certainly sounds like one to avoid in future.


That's not good David but hope all sorted now. Xxxx

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Sorry you had such a bad experience, David. It's not what you go to the doctors for, is it? I hope it's all sorted out now and that you've had time to recover. Good that you had your wife there with you. Take care of yourself. Sue x


Yes thanks all sorted now got to go see a specilist as now think it could be hart as well but i do not think so as do not get any pain in that aria


That sounds like carelessness David. What a good thing your wife was with you. I hope you are ok now and have your own choice of doctor next time.


I hope she wasn't a Dr John. Heaven help us all. Pleased you have it sorted. X


Oh mg I've just bn told I have C.o.p.d and are at the nurse on the 14th I don't understand it and are hoping she will shed some light on it for me I have stopped smoking 7 week ago as the doc advise me lol x hope you on the Wright track x


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