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Pulmonary fibrosis talks filmed live


We filmed one of our pulmonary fibrosis events. You can watch all the presentations at

The talks are:

What is pulmonary fibrosis?

Why is it difficult to diagnose and treat?

Current pharmacological therapies


Managing breathlessness and cough - tips for everyday living

Living with pulmonary fibrosis - exercise and pulmonary rehabilitation

What does the future look like

Pulmonary fibrosis - the patients journey - Howard (IPF) and Diz (sarcoidosis) talk about their experiences

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - announcement of new data

Pulmonary fibrosis - How the BLF can help

I hope you find them useful, Ruth from the BLF

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Thank you Ruth, very interesting and will read it. The information will be relevant to Pete who has sarcoidosis. Xxx

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Thank you. I will look at the various videos in the next few days.

I have pulmonary sarcoidosis.

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