PIP Assessment now done and out the way

I had my PIp Assessment on Friday 01/06/16 the health professional was from Atos. Mine was a home assessment, I was surprised as it was organised by the DWP for a home visit, as I had heard many people on othe health groups say that you had to initiate a home visit yourself. The whole assessment was almost 2 hours long. The Nurse told me that she was a respiratory Nurse and she had spent untill 11pm the night before inputting all of my medical problems (25 +) medications ect onto her laptop. When my assessment had finished she said it could take up to 8 weeks (end of August) before I would hear anything, but I have others say they had a reply within 2 weeks. I asked her after what her thoughts were regarding the assessment of myself, she stated that she couldn't indicate either way, but did say that it wasn't rocket science to see that with my multiple health problems there was a lot to deal with.

All I can do is wait for the brown envelope to land on my door mat.

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Good luck to you mutt - it sounds very promising for you.

love cx

Thank you Cofdrop, I don't know how long you have to wait for the decision xx

good luck hope you do get it

Thank you mmzetor, I hope so too, I currently get low rate Daily living and high rate mobility since 2007 and many have said I should have probably been on middle even high rate daily living but I was too afraid to enquire.

Since the PIP came about I was getting in a bit of a state hearing so many had been denied PIP, knowing my health was declining in so many ways especially since having to have both my jaw joints replaced with Tiatanium jaw joints due to Avascular Necrosis, I just thought " get it over and done with".

I will let you all know when I hear and thank you all for your support. X

Hi guys, just to say I was awarded enhanced rate for care and enhanced for mobility. Phewww my award was untill 2021

good luck on it please let us know how you get on im on DLA and dreading the PIP change over xx

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