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Using an HEPA Air Purifier with an Oxygen Concentrator

Good afternoon everyone. I've just got my Dad an air purifier to help with his pollen allergy. However on the instructions it states that it shouldn't be used where oxygen is being generated. As Dad is uses a Concentrator 24/7 it sounds like we won't be able to use the purifier. I'd be greatful for any advice on this. Many thanks.

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I would check with manufacturers to ask, do they mean in the same room as the concentrater? Air purifiers are well advertised for lung conditions, such an important issue should not be buried in the small print, only to be seen after purchasing a not so cheap piece of equipment.


Yes thanks I'll give them a call on Monday to ask the question.


Stone's right, many oxygen users buy purifiers. Maybe you could also run this by the BLF on Monday - 03000 030 555.

Please let us know the outcome.


Just a quick follow-up. I heard back from Homedics (the manufacturer) and here's what their customer service person had to say:

"I would like to confirm that as long as the purifier is being operated in the same room but at a safe distance from where the oxygen is being administered, then there should be no issues. ".

I have gone back to ask them what they consider to be a "safe distance", but haven't heard anything back yet on this.


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