Diagnosed COPD

Diagnosed COPD

Mild they say. I had the breathing test, an x-ray and a CT scan.

The CT was to investigate a spot on the x-ray. Turned out to be calcification in the right lung and a spot on the spleen. Dunno what that meant really.

Told to quit smoking and use salbu whatsit inhaler as required.

Is that par for the course? Are e-cigs OK?

Nothing about follow ups, this was on the phone with the GP, not an office visit. Made up reckon it ain't too bad but looking round the inter web maybe worse thanI thought.

And here I thought I was bullet proof.:-)

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  • E cigs are better than tobacco ,there are over 4000 in just one fag plus they stink and make you stink too. Google what's in cigarettes and also how much government is making on the sales. Salbutamol opens your airways. They're safe to use.

  • Of course I meant.. 4000 chemicals in one fat .. arsenic among one of them

  • The MOST important thing for anyone diagnosed with COPD (or any other lung disease) is to stop smoking as soon as possible (and I say this as an ex-smoker so I know the difficulties). Some find the e-cigarettes useful in stopping but obviously they are not good in the long term. The internet can be terrifying can't it? Read as much as you can (the BLF do some excellent leaflets) and try to understand what has and is happening. Also important is to eat healthily and to take exercise. Welcome to the forum.

  • Mild isnt so bad if you stop smoking you may even feel a difference and feel a lot better ...Many people on here didnt stop smoking right at the beginning and its been the biggest mistake .

  • Robert_Helton welcome to the site do yourself a favour stop smoking I used patches worked for me 16years non smoker best wishes.

  • I used the e cig to stop smoking 21 months ago. And my breathing is the best it has been in years X

  • Hi Robert, think of it as a wake up call and be extra good to yourself....ask the doctor to prescribe patches that is what I did and I am still here now to tell the tale 😁 ......................Googling is not recommended! it isn't as bleak a picture as some of those sites make out. WHEN you stop smoking and start caring for those lungs you are going to feel so glad you did! You could even improve, yes you could! all the best, huff xxx

  • I started e cig 2 months ago now on no nicotine at all it can be done

  • Good news - you ain't gonna die from it (well, if you do then you'll be damned unlucky!). Keep up the fags and it gets worse pretty quick ... worse = short of breath, tire easily, muscle aches, chest infections (they are serious ... proper, proper man-flu), cough, chest pains, sleep issues - and the list goes on.

    Go and beat the GP around the head (not literally) and get a pulmonary nurse allocated to you, a pulmonary rehab course, instructions on when & how to use Salbutamol ... then thank him (sarcastically) for all his help (fairly normal for GP's when you read the posts here).

    That's it! Lose weight, eat healthy, exercise plenty and kick the fangs and you could make a hundred!

    Best wishes (and welcome)

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Haven't smoked today, not even much on the e-cig. I've used it at work for over a year, so I'll use that to stop.

    Can't sleep, my wife has a chest infection or cold and it must have jumped to me.

    It's been difficult to breath today and lying down makes it worse. Hope I make it into work at 06:00 just so they'll know I'm not making feeble excuses.

    That was a reason I went to my GP, stacking bags of compost in the garden centre and I had to keep stopping to catch my breath, that had never happened before.

    A couple of years back I inherited my FILs car. I had cycled to work 12 miles round trip for 8 years. Two years of only work for excercise I've gotten a beer belly, smoked like a chimmney and become lazy.

    Not worried like, it's my fault and I know mostly how to fix the excercise and diet parts. I'll ask about things that are new to me as I come to terms with having lung disease.

  • Welcome to the group Robert

  • welcome to the group. I still have patches in the drawer and lozengers in my bag - sometime craving that cig is strong as my breathing seems to have gone downhill since I gave up nut I know long term my lungs are grateful.

    walking is a tad difficult only because of the breathing, once I sort that, and you will too, I look forward to becoming more active again. My friend is back to playing tennis!

    keep us all posted.

  • Well, my introduction to COPD proceeds apace!

    I believe the term is flare up or the doctor said infectious exacerbation.

    Prednisolone and Erythromycin for a week. Very scary at 03:00 AM when reaching the top of the stairs I could not draw a breath.

    Now I understand how it works I'll be fine next time.

  • Hope it clears up soon. Ask your GP for a rescue pack. So when you have your next exacerbation you will have the steroids and antibiotics in your house. Because it is Sod's law that you could get on when the GP is closed x

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