2nd week at rehab

Well after the first session I thought that would be it for me ( due to prolapse ) breathing was put to the test ,,,,after no exersise for over 6 months ,but that wasn't my concern as I knew that would be the case a pond I would once again over come that problem ,,,,no ,,,it was the other problem I have now,,,,,so rang the nurse to say I was greatful but couldn't do it ,,,,,her reply was ,," turn up on Tuesday and we will give you some exersises that will help your breathing problem ,without making the prolapse any worse than it is ,,,,,,job done ,,,I went and the exersise problem is solved ,

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  • They're great, aren't they? Lots of luck in moving forward. :)

  • Thanks Toci,😄

  • Nanny1086 Were you given any exercises for your prolapse when it was diagnosed? I have a prolapse (cystocele) diagnosed last September. I was told by a not very interested male locum to look on the internet for exercises and go back "if you want the operation". Well, I don't want the operation so I did lots of research and found that kegels alone aren't the answer but that exercising the whole of the pelvic floor helps so I got a good DVD and do that most days along with using a pelvic toner. My prolapse hasn't got any worse, in fact there has been quite a bit of improvement. There are some pelvic floor exercises on YouTube.

  • Hi I'm sorry to hear you have the same problem as myself ,

    ,no I saw the consultant end of April he didn't give me advise on exersise he did say don't stand too long or lift/carry anything heavy ,,but he did say the fitting of the removable pessery wasn't possible ,I was prescribed HRT internally ,and laxido ,and I go back in September to discuss surgary ,I have been referred to a physio also ,but no spacific exersises,I do do the pelvic exersises to ,and that's about it ,I will however have a look on YouTube ,

  • At least you are being looked after Nanny1086 . I only saw the locum, that's it, left to my own devices! Par for the course at my GP surgery though, so I expect nothing and I'm never disappointed!

  • I'm disappointed for you ,I know what your going through ,I have to say I was a bit surprised to be referred to a consultant straight away after an examination,no X-ray ,so in that respect I'm lucky ,

  • I had the same experience, no prolapse though just the usual cough experience. Straight to a continence nurse then onto Consultant - outcome exercises. Surgery is really good.

  • Same here ,good health practice all round ,😡😘

  • Well done Nanny for sticking with it. Nice to know you can do your exercise without making the prolapse any worse. Xxx

  • Thank you Sassy,😘

  • good news nanny - no puddles on the floor now eh!

  • Thank you butterfly ,,,embarrassing or what ,😡😡

  • True ,embarrassing or what ,😡😃

  • hope the exercises help with your breathing ,

  • I'm sure it will ,that's the most important thing after 6 months of doing nothing ,,well no exersise,

  • Hi Nanny, I also have abdominal prolapses, cystocele and rectocele. Was offered the op but then talked to many older people who'd had it and had to go back for more ops as it hadn't worked. Fortunately I came across a brilliant physio who showed me different versions of kegels and alarmingly sat at the foot of the bench, watching my bits while I did them :D But Im eternally grateful to her and shocked that you've had so little help, as with SeasideSusie.

    I assume it's the squats and the sit-to-stands which caused the trouble? After a few years of PR which i do religiously at home too, I can now do a minute of sit-to-stands without any problem. So over time, with kegels etc, your pelvic floor will get stronger, and so of course will you :)

    If you would like to pm me to discuss the exercises further, then please do.

  • Hi o2trees,,I've been to do the rehab this morning ,mostly sit down exersises yes your right ,,no sit to stand ,step ,or rower for me ,then off to church to do the flowers for a wedding there on Saturday ,,,,I can't ever remember being so tired ,and the aching is agony ,more so when standing or walking ,I'm off to Devon on the 23 rd so I'm just hoping I'll be ok and not spoil it for daughter and grandaughter ,,,can't believe I've bought myself a walking stick haha,just thought it might help,if need be I will get ine of those scooter things ,not looking forward to limited mobility,,,,,I will ring the GP tomorrow to see if there's anything else I can do ,I will be having the op ,as nothing can be put in place to help ,,,,but Thankyou I might take you up,on the offer of a private message at some point ,thanks again ,😡😄

  • The achy-ness will wear off as you get stronger Nanny - don't let it put you off. Im sure it will go some way to help with your breathing :)

  • It won't put me of 02trees,,,I've been doing the rehab on and off after infections etc since 2008 ,and I always go to the gym twice a week to keep up my fitness levels ,,,,but the last 6 months knocked me for six ,,,,and now the prolapse ,,,but I'll keep going and I'll keep trying ,

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