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Symbicort 400/12 and Spireva

Was on Flixotide and Atrovent, but changed 2 weeks ago to above inhalers. I have reduced lung function due to scoliosis, which has got worse according to lung function tests. I am finding my nose and mouth uncomfortably dry, and don't think my breathing has improved much yet. the pollen is extremely high in UK at the moment which is not helping. I take nasal spray and prescribed hay fever tablets, and wondering if nasal spray is affecting me. really struggling with this dryness, will my body get used to these inhalers and dryness improve?

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I believe the nasal issues are side effects of Spiriva & prob symbicort. I don't get the problem on formoterol - but that may not be enough alone (no steroid) or not suit you, either.

Ask your respiratory nurse to try you on something else - don't be fobbed off, they like to move on, box ticked and you can suffer while they sleep nicely with their public sector pensions round the corner.

For the nasal issues a lot here swear by a saline nasal rinse - google Netti pot and/or neilmed. I know if you've not come across this before it'll seem weird - but it works, possibly not a cure in itself but makes it manageable. If you still want to put steroid sprays in your nose, they'll be more effective after a nasal wash, too.

I had both nasal & mouth issues with both symbicort & Spiriva, and, in addition digestion problems with the latter, so I know it's a chuffing nightmare.

Best wishes


thanks Soulsaver. I'm under the Brompton in London, national heart and lung hospital. I'm going to give it to the end of this week and if still same will contact them and ask to go to clinic next weeks


I was on both of those inhalers. I found Symbicort gave me thrush, but Spiriva was OK. I have now bee put on Spiriva Respimat and Breo Ellipta. The Respimat come sin the form of a spray. I have found both these inhalers are better than the other two, and Also I use my Ventolin less.


Thanks Tamariki. I am actually feeling slightly better today, not so dry although still very breathless, so maybe the v high pollen and humidity has made me feel worse. I have follow up clinic at Brompton early August so will persevere until then unless I start to really struggle


Update to my original post, had Brompton on Tuesday to follow up on change of inhalers. My blood gasses were better. Luckily saw the Dr who looked after me while I was in for inhaler change. We had a good long chat, and she decided to take me off both Spiriva and Symbicort, and put me back on Atrovent and Flixotide for 2-3 weeks, and will see her again then, and we will start again. She asked me which one she thought was the problem and I said I wasn't sure, but thinking about it, feel it is the symbicort rather than the spiriva. Definitely feel better in myself already, but still breathless, which doesn't surprise me as back to square one again. But glad to be off the new inhalers


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