Hello , I'm new here and have bronchiectasis. I am a member of Tayside Bronchiectasis Support (TaBS) and care about linking with other fellow sufferers in Scotland. Tayside includes Perth and Kinross geographically, as well as the city of Dundee, and we have two major hospitals, Perth Royal Infirmary and Ninewells in Dundee. Networking is important to me as we need all the support we can get for spreading the word about bronchiectasis and for building friendship links. The respiratory departments at both NHS sites above are brilliant for helping patients with the burden of treating lung conditions such as bronchiectasis. I hope to contribute to posts here from time to time and look forward to an exchange of views.


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  • Cateran a big welcome to the site all the members are great best wishes Terry x

  • I have Bronchiectasis and feel we get no support and other member on here who have this feel the same but im not in your area .

    Im sure there will be members contacting you today

  • Hi, I have COPD and am a member of Arbroath COPD group. I know at least one of our members has Bronchiectasis. We are a varied group, many lung problems between us. You would be very welcome to attend our meetings if this would help.


  • Thanks Kathy and nice to hear from you. I would welcome any details you can give me about the Arbroath COPD group and can send you info. about TaBS. We are all in the same boat.


  • Hi Cateran. Great to hear back from you. I'm awake at stupid o'clock as I have to be up VERY early (for me). I'm panicking as my d-i-law is picking me uo to take me for a blood transfusion. Another story!!! I'm convinced I'll sleep in. 😴 Anyway, I'll get back to you ASAP by P Message with all the contact info for the group.

    Take care.

    Kathy. ☺

  • A very warm welcome to you Terry. We have already met on the Dr. C post. Great to have you on board.

    love cx

  • I'm in Dundee give me info id come along x

  • Thanks Shona. Email to and I will send you an update.


  • Welcome to the Community Terry. As a word of advice it is recommended that people do not post email addresses or other sensitive info.

    Use the Message option to post a private note to the person. Just click on their name and you will be offered a Message button.

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