Not much to tell at the moment

Good morning everyone, just an update from Brompton visit. I had ct scan and blood tests, and I am now waiting for a letter to admit me for a Bronchoscopy, and other tests. My breathing still no better and my chest is sore all the time. I also have a slight cough again, but not all the time, so hopefully I will, in the end get some meds.

Hope you all had a good weekend,

Love Maggie7 xx

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  • Good luck to you Maggie and hope you get what you need. Xxx

  • Thank you Sassy, I will let you know xx

  • maggie7 hope all your test are good best wishes x

  • Thanks for sharing that with us, Maggie. I'm glad that they looked after you and hope you won't have to wait too long. Take care. Sue x

  • Hello Maggie, I hope you don't have to wait long and good luck with your results,huff xxx

  • Good luck for your results & meds Maggie.

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