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Lifechoice Activox portable oxygen concentrator for sale

Lifechoice Activox XYC100B portable oxygen concentrator for sale.

Rechargeable battery inside. Mains and car power supply units. Also includes external battery pack

Purchased February 2015 from Intermedical. Cost from £2595 new.

3 year warranty on Activox unit. Remainder will be transferred to new owner

Flow rate 1 to 3 LPM. Battery life up to 15 hours (approx) with external pack

Weight 2.2 kg, Dimensions 20cm (h) x 23 cm (w) x 11cm (d)

For more information: portableoxygensolutions.com...

Service record book included.

Asking price £1400

Still available....

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Why are you selling it? How much in US dollars?

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Hi Im interested to buy portable oxygen concentrator , let me know if you still have it .



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