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Lung infection

My friend is suffering from lung infection whic is very at startng stage she got addmitted in hospital because her body wasnt reacting to antibiotics and she is now recovering at very slow rate n her fever is like 100.3 at afternoon times and morning times its 98.5 when will she get recoverd totally and all her other tests are negative please help us

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It seems your friend is in the right place for treatment, Aayana. Glad she is recovering.


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Yaaa but doctors are saying for such minor lung infection she shouldnt get fever like 100 what it could be my friend is sooo tired n exhausted of hospital n s saline bottle and even she s saying she s feeling like fainting


We are not doctors here, Aayana, so cannot say what may be causing any of your friend's symptoms. She is being cared for.

I am sure she appreciates your concern for her.



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