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Know your RIGHT's as a sick disabled person NOW we are no longer part of EU

Know your RIGHT's as a sick disabled person NOW we are no longer part of EU

Following the decision, what are the likely consequences?

This morning, we are all digesting the momentous news, and trying to anticipate some of the changes that will follow. Before the referendum, the consensus amongst disability rights activists seemed rather on the “Remain” side. Now that Brexit has prevailed, what are the implications for the rights of people with disabilities?

Link was copied pasted with thanks to Expert legal commentary from Irwin Mitchell

Fiona McGhie, Public Law expert at Irwin Mitchell, said:

“The common law and legislation in the UK have provided rights and protections for people with disabilities.

“In addition both the EU and the UK have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which guarantees equality of rights of disabled people before the law on issues such as health, education, employment, access to justice and independent living. The UK is also a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of disability (Article 14) and offers protection for people with disabilities through a number of the other articles. The Human Rights Act incorporates these rights into domestic legislation.

The Equality Act 2010 consolidated legal protections

“The UK has developed a string of positive legislation for the protection of the rights of those with disabilities, most notably the Equality Act 2010. This Act consolidated a large amount of existing legislation (including those relating to other protected characteristics such as race, religion, gender and sexual orientation). This and previous legislation were introduced to ensure compliance with a number of EU equality directives.

Outside the EU, existing Human Rights conventions should still be respected

“Membership of the EU offers a large degree of protection for people with disabilities because of its directives on equality. However, if that protection was removed by a vote to leave the EU, people with disabilities would still benefit from the CRPD and the ECHR. It is unlikely that Equality Act would be repealed should the UK leave the EU, as we would still need to comply with the other international conventions which we have ratified. However, people with disabilities would not benefit from any further directives or regulations that the EU issued on disability rights and would be reliant on domestic legislation and common law keeping pace with the advancement of the rights of people with disabilities.

European Charter of Fundamental Rights negated by Brexit

“What Brexit would affect is the ability to potentially rely on the European Charter of Fundamental Rights (CFR) which in particular includes many wider social and economic rights, such as the rights to fair and just working conditions, to healthcare and to have personal data protected. If disabled people wished to try and strike down UK legislation as incompatible with rights under CFR under EU law – that avenue may not be available after the vote to leave.”

What do you think?

Is this a black day for disabled people? Do you feel secure in the legal rights you have? Is Britain just as reliable a protector of minority interests as the EU? Whatever you think, you can share your views by commenting below or on link

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Here's link Healthunlocked as editing deleting issues SO posted here


I can see merits of both sides BUT we don't live in ideal world .. That's I did post on our rights AN not merits of in out


Hi Bettz thanks for reply .. Think merits of in out was coverd on other post ME per say am interested in us living together as one human race

S### in between that as not been part of who I am WE all have rights and really that's what my post is about securing our's during times of hardship uncertainty

Sure I respect others opinions AS long as they respect mine


Good post, JAS.


Hi Toci glad ya liked :)


I feel there are a lot of fors and against in respect of the EU vote, and disability rights have always been a grey area, so not sure we will notice any massive change in the forseeable future in respect of disability rights and those changes that do occur will be a slow process as in the past. But maybe the NHS might survive for our ongoing care, who knows what the future may bring.


I think all our rights were taken away when Brown brought Atos in


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