Tied up in tubing

Big day yesterday. The nice technician from BOC came and fitted concentraters in the house - one up, and one downstairs. I have tubing draped all round, but it's so much easier than dragging the oxygen trolley around. Also, now I don't have to worry about running out of oxygen and trying to estimate how many cylinders I'll need a day or more ahead.

I still have 8 portable cylinders too, so am looking forward to the extra freedom this new setup is going to provide

Isn't it sad to get so excited about this?

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  • No I dont think its sad - new freedom is not be under-rated! Enjoy it xxxxxx

  • I intend to! Thank you

  • Not sad at all if it clearly meets your needs. Hope all goes well for you. Xxx 👍🏻😘

  • Lynne, how could it possibly be sad for you to be pleased at getting an important support for you sorted out ? Sounds like things will be much easier for you now with the two concentrators and still having plenty left to use going out. You're coping with a difficult situation and clearly making the best of it. I admire your courage.

  • It's good isn't it? Not sad and must be a huge relief. Enjoy yourself, but don't skip with the tubing. Sue xxx

  • Welcome to the tubing fetish club. People will stand on the tubes, cutting off your air supply, pets will play with it - our big Lab lies on my tubes, anchoring me down - you'll tie yourself in knots, fall over the tubing... and be able to get about so well. We have just had two weeks' holiday thanks to concentrator so and ambulatory oxygen. Enjoy it all.


    Cat ip

  • Hi Catnip, can you take the concentrator away on holiday with you then? Or perhaps the oxygen company delivers one to where you're staying? Since my husband's been on 24hr oxygen I've really put the thought of holidays on hold. He uses cylinders when we leave the house but he'd get through so many if he didn't have the concentrator. He's only prescribed 6 cylinders a time, so can you get more if you're going to be away and be hopefully out and about more? A portable concentrator wouldn't be practical as he has to use a walker or I'm pushing him in a wheelchair. I'd love us to get away for a bit but the whole thought of arranging it all just tires me out thinking of it!! We're able to site the concentrator in a spare room at home so don't get bothered by the noise, so if it was in a hotel bedroom room with us we probably wouldn't get much sleep - in the past we've had to turn the fridges off in hotel rooms because of the noise!! I really would value any suggestions and advice you could offer.

  • Hello there

    Your oxygen people will deliver your home prescription to wherever you are, as often as you need them. You would need your prescriber to change the prescription to get more cylinders at one delivery. You might even be able to get a portable concentrator that will hang in a bag behind your wheelchair. That's what we did.

    It depends on your prescription, of course. I have 3 lpm L-TOT and 4 lpm ambulatory. The Sequal portable meets my needs and it's really quiet.

    Hope this helps. Get back to me if you think I could be of more use.



  • Even with portable cylinders I've double-hobbled myself, had mother's cat chew the tubing and grandson attempt to rip my ears off by running through the tube when it was at full stretch.

    So looking forward to new and more complicated muddles!

    I'm going to fix some hooks above the doors so that tubing can be temporartily looped up out of the way

  • I live in a bungalow so only need one concentrator. My supplier is Air Liquide, when they put my concentrator in they fixed the tubing round doors and along the skirting boards with clips, then left lengths so I could walk around in different rooms. They fitted a switch on the windowsill above the concentrator so I could switch the oxygen flow to the different points at the end of the fixed tubing to go to the free tubing. I hope this makes sense. I have a large tank of liquid oxygen in my shed which I fill my Marathon tank from so I don't need to calculate how many portable cylinders I will need, I just ring up when my large tank is nearly empty and Air Liquide come and swap it. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • Thank you for your reply. This sounds very organised.

    I shall probably do some clips on the skirting but unfortunately the concentrator is next to a door so I can't get a run. I'm working out the best method and shall get there in the end. At the moment I've looped the tubing over a couple of hooks above the door and then over the kitchen door, which keeps it out of the way and off the floor, and is easy to unloop when I need to go in another direction. It's not such a problem upstairs where hooks above the doors will work I think

    I suppose there may come a time when I need the tank as well but shall think about that later.

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