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UPDATE ... Orphen lung diseases / complement deficiency

Well I seen my GP and am pleased to say WHAT a waste of time that was lol

Like I expected anything different ANYWAY told him and he said GOSH have not read out further on that since medical school THAT was a big clue on how things would go.

Anyway general practice by all accounts do not do test referrals for complement deficiency or orphan lung dieases or out like that SO what do general practice DO eh.

So my GP told me I would have to ask my lung doctor WHEN I see him next about that

Good job it was not medical emergancy AND I was counting on HIM good job we have great ambulance services O wait ambulances are in chaos too.

Gee wiz SO he was so kind to POiNT out my lung disease was ADVANCING given my infection rate and had anyone told me.

No S### Einstein ... I felt like saying ER HALLO like really WHY else am I here talking about orphen lung diseases / complement deficiency :o

Then we talked about my efag infection WELL Einstein said it was not infection AS efags don't do that " this is the same guy not read out since med school" saying this THEN he told me it would been my lungs trying to clean them self.

Plausible but not true.

Like I said to my doctor HOW can I stop smoking if I have coughing fits and can't breath AND why did my emergancy antibiots get rid of cough breathingtrouble if not infection.

Well he could not offer any advice on how to move forward BUT he did say I should of see doctor gp befour taking antibiots as it's dangerious.

But like I said I phoned practice up and was no appointments SO what else is one to do AS I agree would be dangerious if I had done nout and waited.

Am sure lots of us have had similar experiences WITH chronic dieases and FARSE of gp appointments and antibiotics

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"see a GP before taking antibiotics"??? Hello ... isn't that why they give us emergency meds, because they know that appointments are a nightmare and delays in taking the meds is dangerous!!

Are GP's put on this planet just to make our blood boil?

Jeff, I'm with you on this - makes you want to bend them over and give them a large injection of common sense ... but instead the needle will break on the wad of "Do not resuscitate" labels!

What did that old advert say? "Calm down dear, it's only an advert!"


Hidden when I went to see my doc before I could explain why I was there he said why have you come to see me as you've got an rescue pack I explained it was for something else it's like once you've got this illness they give up on you .


You know what JAS you seem to be getting the hang of all your health problems now, pity your GP doesn't have a clue!

Good luck with giving up the cigs.

Take care xx πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

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Keep at it, JAS. Next time you see your GP, we'll all come with you. These repeated, too frequent infections are so difficult and it's a bit scary because we know they damage our lungs.

Have a better day. Sue x


Last appointment, I asked my lung doc, considering that I feel half decent most of the time and hardly ever use my oxygen but my readings remain the same...., I asked him if in his years of practice have any of his patients ever 'turned the corner' and started improving and getting better even if they followed all his instructions to a "T"??

He quite honestly said, "No".

I replied, "Well, since I know how I feel inside, regardless of your medical gadgets and the readings you get from my tests, I'm gonna just live my life the way that makes me feel best and if that's without lugging that oxygen tank around all day..., then that's what I'm gonna do."

He sort of sighed but indicated he understood.

I said, "Look, I'm 73...., and SOMETHING'S gonna get me sooner than later anyway and except on exertions where it takes a few to get my breath back, I feel pretty damned good most of the time !!"

We left it at that and since that appointment, I've put off the one I'm supposed to set up for next month.

Stay tuned.


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