well, the Brompton branch got back to me after l sent email the next day. Although we agreed to disagree on some points, l was given the chance to take it higher or go to the ward manager first. I went for the later, who l understand will phone me to speak through my concerns. If l still not happy can still take higher.

At the end of the day, not being there, I have no idea if what they propose to do with be carried out.

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I do hope things are dealt with properly and you get answers. Good luck to you. Xxx

if dealt with correctly, other people will not have to go through what l did. That's got to be a result. x

Sounds like delaying tactics. Hope they will be able to sort it out before too long.

was told if the ward manager has not got back by end of week to contact them. Given them time to look into my issues raised. So the clock ticks! x

I'm glad that you done it. And I hope you get some resolution.

All the best

Kate xxx

Not sure what will be done but unless someone expresses their concern, then nothing will have a chance of changing. Understand some people feel its wrong to complain especially where medical people are involved, in case they come across them again.

I can understand that. And it informed some of my actions/inactions when I went down the complaint route. But against that is the larger picture of others who do not have the courage or confidence to challenge those who seem to us to be in a more superior post. The other thing that happens is that we often think that our case is a one-off. When it rarely is. James Titcombe in investigating his sons death found that it was not a single, freaky event but that many other babies had died.

So more power to your elbow or keyboard.

Good luck

K x

Good for you - it was totally unacceptable behaviour - good luck with your complaint and hopefully it will bring about change x

was in two minds whether to or not, but u just have to go with ur gut feelings. My hope is it will bring changes. No one wants to go into hospital , and be greeting with a load of problems not of ur making, which could of been avoided. Fingers crossed on return call from ward manager.

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