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Take Phyllocontin tablet, morning and night. Last night I had tremendous cramping of legs and toes. Lasted about three hours. Every time I thought oh good it's away, it came back. Know you're not supposed to have alcohol with theophylline but surely two wee bottles can't have caused it? Rarely have a drink but it was so warm last night and for once, I didn't have an early school run to do. I did have glass of water before going to bed. Any thoughts? I'm on Relvar Elliptiss and Metformin ER too.

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I don't know which drug you are on but all I can say is that I have even one small glass of wine in the evening I have cramp most of the night. I don't take theophylline. It' a b isn't it.

Thanks. It is indeed a b. Another unwanted effect of the tablets is the smell of some coffees putting me right off the stuff. That's a big B. All singing, all dancing Nespresso coffee machine for xmas and one of those Tassimo's in the caravan. Cannot stand the Tassimo coffee, now. Other half not amused. Oh jings!

The only thing I can suggest is indian tonic water - my husband drinks it at bedtime and during the night when cramps wake him up ( and me when they are severe!). Good luck xxx

Hi, I agree Tad. It's amazing how well it works.

Granniemo, I guess you could have the diet, sugar free version as you're on metformin


Buy some tablet of Ivory Soap, unwrap 2 and put under the bottom sheet on your bed, at the foot end. Most people find this works like a dream for stopping cramps at night. I have no idea though if cramp caused by alcohol will be any different. I have not had one night cramp for the year I have been doing this, yet before, I had them 3 or 4 nights a week.

The famous lay already think I'm nutty. This might well confirm it. One cat sometimes sleeps under the covers. Can see her scratching away at this strange thing under the sheet. A hidden plaything!

'Family' not 'famous lay'. What kind of spellcheck does Health Unlocked use??

I take 600mg Gabapentum for RLS at night

Think had gabapentin for shingles nerve pain many years ago. Daughter had chicken pox in her twenties and I got the shingles. Fun times.

No cider last night. No night cramps. Looks like the meds mean it when the leaflet says no alcohol with whatever. I'll go back to being 'designated driver' from now on. Soft drinks only cos caffeine is mentioned in the leaflets too. Presumably, why coffee and Diet Coke taste awful to me these days. 🙄

Half a tumbler of Tonic Water before bed can get rid of cramps successfully, giving you a good night's sleep. Also someone told me to wear socks at night or try magnesium pills - they all work. Skipson

Now reached a stage where even water has a funny taste. Running out of stuff to eat or soft drink to try. Fizzy sodas are too much these days. Away from home next week for eight days, really not looking forward to the arguments over where we can eat, that won't make Granny retch.

GP took me off the stuff pronto when I reported severe headaches. Taste came back but took a while.

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