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Ct scan found large spot,pet scan bronco Up and coming

Hey everyone hope your ok just a few questions if anyones had this

After four years of tests(a ct scan and bronc in 2014 which was clear) and lots of chest infections they found a mass on upper left lung today gotta go to christies hospital. And also after four years even after specialist said i havent got it the spiro I had done today says I have copd(but as i still have lung infection surely this will impare the readings?). Is it normal to haves yes no no yes on spiro tests?

I only had one done at specialist two months ago and passed weird!!!

Ive been given levoflaxin for the infection whuch he said the spot could be (but no chest rattle) said careful If i get tendon pain as can snap your tendons!!! Has anyone heard of this and can I still take brobiotics and vitamins with antibiotics or will it diminish the anti?

Last question did anyones copd,sarcoidosis,fybrosis, broncieactis show up as a spot on the ct scan as this but not on xray?

Sorry for battering all your heads but I do gratefully receive your input.

Thankyou son much and I hope your all well take care.

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Bronchiectasis is more likely to show up on a CT scan an X Ray is not quite so detailed so this quite often happens X-rays look clear and CT scans show something out of the ordinary.


Many thanks for that info freefaller. Just a waiting game i guess see what christies say after pet scan. Many thanks


I know with copd if you are borderline one test will show you have it and the next one won't. x


Hope you can get a definite diagnosis soon - nothing worse than waiting and wondering. All best wishes x


Many thanks to all your comments and help. Put my head in a better place. I know i dont post much but i am sincerely thinking about you all and read the site every day. Many thanks and i wish you all a great day.


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