Well that didn't go according to plan

My how my fitness levels have dropped ,,,,I started a repeated PR COURSE today ,,,,my how I struggled ,,,,for my lady friends on here ,,,,it wasn't just my breathing levels that were a problem,,,,it was the prolapse,,,,soooooo uncomfortable ,,,,I'm not sure my body is ready for the PR until after the operation ,,,,,that's a shame because I need to get fit my not only my holiday ( so I enjoy my family time ) but for the operation ,,,,I'm so unsure of what to do ,,,,

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  • You have quite a dilemma there Nanny. Is there any gentle exercise you can do that may not give you so much discomfort? It all sounds very unpleasant.

    Hope you find a solution. Xxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy ,,, I hate the thought of giving up on my PR,,,,but i really struggled today ,,,maybe I'll just stick to the treadmill ,,,,

  • Nanny, I'm so sorry about your prolapse and sorry about the Rehab course and how disappointing it is for you. As sassy says, you're in a bit of a dilemma.

    Have you told the people who run the course about the prolapse? I don't think you'll be doing it any good by doing some of the exercises - it could make things worse. I know BLF do a DVD which has gentle exercises, including sitting-down ones. That would mean you could exercise the lungs a bit. The Rehab people might be able to lend you one.

    When you have lots of problems at the same time I think you need to deal with the worst first, and that's probably the prolapse. Be gentle with that bit of yourself and do gentle, upper body exercises to remind your lungs what they should be doing.

    Most importantly, enjoy your holiday with your family. They obviously love you to bits and what they want is to be with you, even if you are sitting down all the time. It's who you are that matters to them, Nanny, not what you do. Sue xxx

  • Oh Thankyou so much for the kind words and thoughts Sue ,I have just rung the PR ,and the nurse said she thought I was pushing myself to hard ,,,,I told her how I was feeling and she understood and also said after a long lay off I was expecting too much of myself ,but agreed that it's best I exersise at my own pace and do what I can when I can and not over do it ,,,,,I was ok with the walking ,so she said maybe go into the gym and do the treadmill ,she also said I would be fit more from putting on the lowest incline at a slower pace ,,than on the flat ,,,further rather than faster will be more benefit ,,,,,,,,I also didn't want to take a place that someone else could get benefit from,,,,,.,,,,I know what you mean about the sitting exersises,,,,,but unfortunately that is one one of my painful problems ,,,,but I have seen a couple of yogi exersises on you tube that might help . Thank you again I really appreciate it ,xx

  • Oh oops - I forgot about the sitting down bit. Sorry!!! Sounds as though you have a kind and understanding PR nurse, which is good. We're individuals and don't always fit into boxes,if you see what I mean. Your exercises have to be right for you. And you should be proud of yourself for being so determined. Good luck. xxx

  • Thanks again ,yes they are great ,I was their first patient at PR back in 2008 after a spell in Icu with pneumonia and septasyma ,so they know me very well ,I'm usually proud of the way I handle my condition ,and I try never to miss my gym sessions twice a week ,,but this ,,,,,well that's a whole new story ,,,,and another challenge /problem to face ,,,,,x

  • I agree with Watfordgirl, Nanny. If you tell your PR team the problem, I would think they would be able to advise on postponing the course or showing you more suitable exercises...help you get fit without causing further damage.

    Teen xxx

  • Hi Teen ,,,yes I have just rung them ,and they understood ,( I've know them 9 years now ) she said as soon as I was feeling better I could do the course again ,I've been on you tube and saw a couple of exersises to try and I will continue at the gym on the treadmill ,thanks again x

  • (I see I have been 'autocorrected' to 'Teen'....I wish!!)

    Wondered if it might help to sit on one of those swimming rings (at home!!) as we ladies have to look after our delicate places? 😄

    Tee xxx

  • Ooops sorry Tee,,yes we ladies have to careful of our bits ,,,,a ring is in discussion as we speak ,,,( ,,Lloyds Pharmacy ) ,,as long as we no visitors hahahahaha ,xx

  • Walking is one of the best exercises so the treadmill is a good one for you. I wonder would swimming help? Maybe you could ask at the Gym you go to they may be able to advise you. Whatever you do take it easy. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time today.

  • Hi ,oh how I would love to swim ,,,but I have a such a fear of water ,,,,so that's out I'm afraid ,,,but I will try the treadmill on Thursday ,,,and take it from there,

  • Ah well if swimming is out walking is just as good.

  • Hi Nanny,

    Maybe have a word with your district nurse - she may be able to advise you of some gentle exercises that can help you in both directions. I have heard that tia chia is good.

    or maybe a decent bottle of wine!

    Jean xx

  • Jean ,,,,You are a star ,never thought about the district nurses,,,,yes the wine does help ,,,,,not just with prolapse ,,,,haha,,,,I have just rung the office of the d,nurses ,,,,receptionist took details and said the nurse will ring me back with advise etc Etc ,so huge thanks for that ,,,( I'll let you know how it goes )

  • Hi Nanny,

    Really hope the district nurse phones back with some positives.

    By the way, have the wine after you have spoken to her - I won't tell on you. ha ha hic . xxx

  • I'm going to see nurse tomorrow ,she's going to show me some exersises and I've requested to see the physio as she suggested,

    Now it's wine time ,,,,xx

  • I agree with others above - tell your PR team about your problem and see what they say - best of luck xx

  • Thankyou ,I e rung and told them and they understand fully ,and said I can do the PR when I feel up to it ,,,,,just hate being a quitter ,xx

  • Nanny1086: you might be interested in this site, under "vaginal pessaries". My prolapse is treated this way. nhs.uk/Conditions/Prolapse-... It may not be suitable for you.

  • Thank you ,I'll have a look at it now ,

  • Thank you ,that was very helpful ,,,,,I've also now spoken to the district nurse who has suggested some exersises same as suggested on the link you sent me ,she's also asking the GP to refer me to the physio,,,,,in the meantime ,,,

    Don't Stand for long periods ,,,,,So hubby is washing up / ironing /hoovering ,and no heavy lifting ,,,,,so hubby is doing the shopping ,,,,and all that pot stirring while cooking ,,,,,sorry hubby ,,,,I've been told that's a no no etc etc ,,,,,,,

    I CAN manage to lift my own wine glass however ,,,,,,😍😅🍷hahahaha

  • The best thing about this prolapse is you must not do all the grotty things but you can sit & enjoy the tennis with WINE, CHOCS, STRAWBS & CREAM.

    So so please you can lift your wine - get hubby to buy you lots of small bottles, less weight but still very tasty.. xx

  • Haha,,,,xx

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