Is this normal time scale to wait for letter from hospital

Hi just trying to find out how long I have to wait in limbo before seeing a someone from the hospital. My GP said I would get a health package and receive a letter from the hospital to arrange to be seen by them. My GP is on holiday and its been around two weeks since I saw him but still not got appointment from hospital, is this normal? or should I contact GP secretary for advice. Its probably me just being over anxious

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I'm afraid it can take a while. After three weeks it would be reasonable to chase it up. Your GP's secretary should be happy to do that. Alternately you could phone the consultant's secretary. I have had to wait for many weeks on occasion and at other times it can be quicker.

It feels like a lifetime to us, but doctors don't see it like that.

I always feel much better if I do something pro-active, even if it doesn't seem to do much.

All the best

Kate xxxx

Thank you Kate with it being my first appointment I thought I had been lost somewhere lol thanks again Christine x

2 weeks is no time when waiting for hospital appointments, even cancer patients can wait that long and they are priority patients.

Thank you for your reply I will stop worrying about being missed off the list lol if this is normal

It depends on why you are being refered to a consultant. They have lead times which may be up to 18 weeks. X

Hi thanks for your reply it's my first initial appointment with hospital so thought i had been forgotten about I don't know who it will be with. x

I maybe wrong but I feel that often that those who pester the most get priority ... that's why I'm always on the phone/email/appointments desk ;-)

It's not about being difficult/nasty, in fact I try to get on first name terms so they feel that they know you because it's more awkward to tell you that you'll have to wait if they know you!

What is wrong with a call to them just saying that you are worried that the appointment might have been lost in the post?

Good luck

Hi thanks for reply I think I will give them till the end of the week and phone GP it's just I am worried if I am doing anything that is detrimental but I suppose what's a few more days lol

Yes it can take a while but you should at least have had a letter saying they have received your referra by now. If you know who your GP has referred you to then call their secretary to ask if the letter has been received. If you find it hasn't then is the time to call the GP surgery to find out if it has been sent and if it has it may have been lost in the system. We always wait 2 weeks and then make enquiries.

Good Luck

Thanks for your reply it's just worrying when I don't know anything other than what I have gained from here x do I breath right etc I know I will laugh at how anxious I have been once I understand and know tips to stay healthy etc

Thankfully out hospitals here usually reply within the set time frame - ie a letter confirming receipt of your referral within 3 weeks - usually within 10 days and quite often within 3 weeks we get a letter giving us an appointment - though that may of course, be months away.

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