Feeling brave enough today

Hi, today I'm feeling brave enough to share with my LADY fellow breathing sufferers ,,that due to all the extreme coughing during the previous 6 months ,( due to pneumonia and pleurisy ) I have been to see a consultant and he has confirmed I have a prolapse ,,,so apart from my cough ,and hay fever,and difficult breathing ,,,I'm now in pain with constipation and an enlarged tummy ,,,and none of my clothes are fitting me ,,the pulmary nurses have invited me to try and do the rehab course as I need to get my fitness levels back ,,,ready for my holiday ,,,,,and a following operation ,,,,,,if it's not one thing it's another ,,,,

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  • Oh Nanny there's always something. I hate to admit that l pee a bit if l laugh too hard, cough, sneeze or grab my grandson when he runs at me. Not nice and must try and do those pelvic floor exercises. Xxxx 😍😘😀

  • What is pelvic exercise has suffer from constipation give me a message back

    Camilla 1

  • Hi Cam, it's where you clench your lower parts as if trying not to pee, count to ten, release and clench again. There are also floor exercises too l think. Not sure if it will help with constipation but good luck. Xxxx😘😘

  • Me to. ,,,pain in the bum ,, to ,

  • Think I'll come back as a man ,,,,,haha 😡😘

  • Nooooo! Xxxx

  • Doing my pelvic exersises ,,, that said ,,I was told ,it's an operation for me ,

  • Take care Nanny, lovely lady. Xxx

  • Thank you sassy , night ,💤😴

  • Why is us women have all problems with our bits ,,,haha,

  • Nanny1086 coughing got a lot to answer for x

  • tenna ladies :)

  • Just got my first pkt,,,,,😡

  • Tena Lady Pants or Always Lady Pants. I use them at night as I can't always hold on long enough to get to the toilet. I wear them if I am on a journey and am not sure if there will be toilets en-route.

  • Doing that right now ,I can cope with water works ,,,it's the other that causes me the discomfort ,,,,,4 lax today ,,,,,

  • Not sure pelvic exercises will help you Nanny as you most probably need an op. But what you do is anytime you are sitting or lying down. just clench your front muscles that you use when you are trying to hold in a pee. then clinch your vaginal muscles , then clench your anal muscles. it doesn't take long try to do all three clinchs three times. It can really help to strengthen your ability to hold a wee longer. If you can only do one of them do the first one the one you use to pee as Sassy described, as that's the most important one for us 'coughers' as we can 'leak' a bit if these muscles are weak

    So sorry to hear your news, but good luck with your op.

    Love Sohara

  • Thank you for the advise Sohara,,,,,,,😡

  • Hi Nanny poor you. The good news is I guess that it's not going to kill you even if it is painful. My mother suffered from a prolapse of the womb but it can't have been severe coz she managed it without a lot of difficulty. It's the on top of everything else which is the bugbear isn't it? I hope you get it sorted love. x

  • How right you are coughalot ,,,,it's one thing on top of another ,,,,,I'm having my holiday in July ,and see consultant again in September to disscus the op as can't have anything fitted ,x

  • Oh goodness. Yes coughing can cause this. What a shame. Where are you going on holiday? If you feel well enough go out on a shopping spree for your holiday. Good Luck with the rehab course and have a great holiday.

  • Hi ,freefaller, I'm going on a girlie holiday to Brixham in Devon,( can't fly now due to oxygen levels ) so myself ,my daughter and my grandaughter are having our usual girlie week away ,quality time with my girls ,,,,thank you ,

  • Have a great time. Love Brixham.

  • It's our annual holiday ,,,,daughter and grandaughter love to go crabbing. ,I like to sit and watch them ,haha

  • we all seem to just about cope with one problem and then bang along comes another - We didn't sign up for all this did we ladies!

    Now just remember, while on holiday, don't laugh, don't cough, don't drink too much.

    Now hold on laughing is good for the mind & body, coughing shifts the phelgm, must keep up the fluids!

    ok, got it - giggle only. huff don't cough, sips not gulps.

    any use to you Nanny?

    take care,

    Jean xx

  • Absolutely brilliant Jean ,,,,,that's set me up for the day ,,you can't beat a good laugh to start the day ,,,,ooooops ,xxx

  • Enjoy your holiday, sounds like fun!

    Tee xxx

  • Thankyou ,fingers crossed

  • now remember you three ladies - GIGGLES< HUFFING & SIPPING only allowed.

    Have a super time - escape the football - me, I will immerse myself in Tennis - oh no, those women at Eastbourne grunt - shame cause I live near Eastbourne and can watch it for free from the pavement!

    I will have to wait for Wimbledon on TV - Feet up, strawbs & cream, maybe a glass or two eh?

  • Hi butterfly ,I'm the same as you I absolutely love tennis ,I usually get tickets through the ballot,,,,but not this year ,love the whole thing around Wimbledon ,,the pimms etc etc ,,it's only the second year I've not go tickets ,I've been lucky in the past ,,,sadly not this year ,but then again I wouldn't have been able to get around like I used to ,,,,,,,we came to watch the ladies tennis at Eastbourne a few years ago ,the grunting doesn't bother me ,your very lucky to live so close ,tennis ,beach ,sunshine,ice cream ,wine ,,,etc etc ,haha,enjoy ,I'll be with you this year ,,,feet up watching it all at home ,enjoy ,

  • not sure I would use the word lucky/ a couple of year ago (when they allowed the men at Eastbourne) I actually brought tickets. Lol yes, rained all that day and they don't transfer or refund tickets. Then a few months later I was diagnosed and my breathing etc got worse. I coped all the time I had my dog - I suppose I had too as she needed her daily walks.

    I don't think the last couple of years have really been very sunny so I haven't been on the beach much... now the wine I can cope with.

    Apparently the air pollution is bad around here as we get all the polluted air from France! My breathing doesn't like the wind along the pier but I do -will definitely raise a glass or two on there to you.

  • Haha,was it just that one year they allowed the men ?. Shame about the rain though , when ever we have been to Eastbourne we have been lucky with the weather in fact the last time it was way toooooo hot for me ,,,so it was more time on the beach or in the hotel spa ,which was lovely ,,,,enjoy your wine ,,,I'm with you on that one ,next week I will have my feet up ,strawberries and wine and not forgetting chocolate ,,, enjoy ,

  • Yes,women only!

    It's not cold here, just dull & miserable,however I think it's a sunny day at Eastbourne today looking at the TV -problem is you go by how the weather looks outside your own door.

    Oh I def won't forget the chocolate next week, maybe some cheese & biscuits 1st.

    I do hope you have a super time with your daughter & grandaughter and the prolapse doesn't decide to join in!

    Take care. xx

  • Thankyou ,Wimbledon first ,mama Mia musical ,then holiday ,Fingers crossed ,xx

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