Hi, can anyone offer any advice. Dad's had ipf for nearly 6 years now but has dramatically gone down hill over the last few weeks. He is sleeping more, lost his appetite and now needs his oxygen 24-7. We can cope with most things but this awful cough is the most dabilatating and upsetting thing for us all. Despite breathing exercises he coughs that much he's unable to breathe and passes out, he was fairly independent til now. He's on morphine and codeine linctus. He's was admitted to hospital overnight but other than linctus and excluding infection they have done nothing. Any suggestions on how to manage cough? Is this normal par of the course?

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When he coughs is he fech up thick phlem if so you can get tablets to break it down from the doctors

No, unproductive cough related to ipf.

Anyone any advice on natural cough suppressants

Hi Jo, sorry I'm unable to answer your questions. I have no experience of IPF or coughing. I'm here to say I'm thinking of you & your Dad & maybe a call to BLF would get you some advice. 💐

Thanks, have spoken to BLF, great advice about cough suppressants and distraction techniques to break the cough cycle however would be good to hear what's worked for everyone else!

Hi eating less dairy will make his mucus a bit less thick. Drinking more water will thin it down thus making it easier to cough up. x

Thanks for the comment however there is no Lucas with ipf the coughing a associated with the scar tissue in the lungs.

* mucas not Lucas!!

Hi, my husband has NSIP (quite similar) and also a terrible unproductive cough and will sometimes have what looks like a fit/blackout because of it. Our respiratory nurse suggested Jakemans cough sweets (black packet ones) and he finds they sometimes stave off the coughing. sorry not to be able to suggest anything else but maybe worth a try.

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