Swollen Feet

My husband (79), who suffers from COPD/emphysema and is on oxygen 24x7 , is now getting swollen ankles and feet. They go down a lot after a night in bed. He only walks about 20 paces maximum a day as he gets so breathless and I tell him to put his feet up (which he hardly does!). I imagine the Doc would only suggest diuretics or some other drug, but he's already on so many other drugs. I'm also finding it difficult to get socks for him that don't cut into his leg. I've tried one lot of diabetic socks but they're still tight. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions to a) help stop the swelling and b) where to get suitable socks that don't cost the earth. Many thanks.

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  • I think you shoud get this checked by his doctor as swollen ankles and feet can be caused by heart problems. Probably not but it's best to get it checked out. x

  • Can't really help, but from reading your post, if his legs go down significantly at night sounds like putting his legs up in the daytime would help a lot without having to resort to another medication! Suggest you keep trying to persuade him to 'put his feet up' when he is sitting.

  • Please get him to see his doctor asap.

    Tee x

  • Please get this checked my mum has COPD and had heart problems and the swollen ankles and feet were caused by the COPD and internal organs struggling, I know it wil be another tablet but Mum is so much better and no swollen ankles, please get him checked

  • I would get them checked swollen feet and legs can be caused by heart problems. My. Feet swell sometimes but go back to normal after putting them up. X

  • if he is sitting a lot of the time that is the cause of a lot of that trouble. Re. copd get him to start singing it works the lungs and clears the airways i had a dramatic change after a few months with both the tests and breathing, but when I stop singing for a week or more I'm back were I was start singing again airways clearer breathing better Try it for a month about an hour every couple of days and he will feel better and breath better good luck Oh my feet swell just the same as his if he has had a heart bypass they take out veins in the leg and veins are the return vessels for used blood.

  • Hi Misstickle, I have had periods of swelling right up to the knees when I've had exceptionally bad exacerbations. What i started doing - and it helped a lot - was to just cut off the elastic bit at the top of each sock with scissors, as that was the bit which cut into me. I never found the socks would run, despite being chopped through, and it was such a relief to my ankles.

    Please like others have said, call up your husband's doctor. A diuretic may well help, but it is only helping the symptom. Swollen ankles show that the heart is not coping and this needs investigating - and it is good to keep the ankles up so the heart doesn't have to work so hard. Best wishes to you both, jean

  • Keeping your legs resting on a stool whilst sitting has worked for me. Hope it will work for your husband. also try massaging legs and ankles with a light cream, e.g. E45. That also helps.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments and advice. We will see what the doctor says and I shall get the scissors and socks out!

  • Hi misstickle

    I have lung Cancer and having chemo, last time I saw my oncologist I mentionrd my feet, ankles and legs were swollen, she told me I shoukd lie down for at least a hour every day with my legs vertical (position you sleep in) not just putting your feet up. Well since then I do lie down every day and rest, you don't hsve to sleep and it has made a big difference to me. Hope your husband tries this and it's successful. Can't help with the socks except cutting the tops off where the elastic Is.


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