What do FEV1 and FVC results mean

Hi all, thank you for reading. I am a bit confused as I have had lung function tests and not really sure what they mean. I am a smoker( I know, im giving up for sure, start mon) watched my mum die of empysema. I have had a cough for about 5 years and had regular chest xrays, which have all been ok. Cough has been worse over last year and am really struggling to breath and constant pains in my chest, not heart related. I also feel dizzy a lot. was sent to chest clinic for spirometery tests, am so scared and although cliché that's why I haven't given up yet, feel like im about to cark it.I am 44. the results say sats on room air 100%. FEV1 82% FVC of 106% of predicted value, I am unsure what all this means, not on any meds or inhalers and haven't been told I have copd, but obviously I know the damage done by smoking. Please don't tell me to give up, I am for sure, can anyone shed any light please. Thank you all for reading and wish you all well. susanne

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I am no expert but I think FEV1 82% is good. I do not have COPD so my results do not correlate with that condition. Who requested this Spirometry test? Because whoever that was must get back to you and interpret it. It is unreasonable to leave a patient in the dark.

All the best and keep in touch.

K xx

Good decision, good luck!

Fev1 at 82%. I was told that anything above 70 %is considered normal and not classified as copd.

SS it used to be over 80% was considered as normal but they changed the perameters a few years ago to up it by 10%. So now it's over 90% is considered normal. Anything under 90% is now considered copd. x

doesn't sound too bad to me but take your own advice and give up the smoking before your results are much worse. take care xx

Hi 82% lung function is very good as 90-100% is just classed as a variation of the norm. You are at the mild stage of copd and with a healthy lifestyle etc. can hold it steady for many years. Something else will probably get you first before the copd does like old age.

If you have/had close relatives with lung problems you might need testing for a genetic link namely Alpha 1 Deficiency which is a simple blood test, so ask your doctor. It is rare though so probably not, but better to be safe than sorry.

I have copd and my lung function is in the mid 70's and has been for the past 6 years or so. At your level you will find you suffer mild breathlessness especially on climbing hills and steps and chest infections might be a bit more severe, but apart from that you can live your life as normal albeit maybe a bit slower, so please don't worry too much. Copd is a chronic condition which can be managed and you need to learn to look after your lungs and deal with any problems promptly.

I hope you are feeling a bit better about it now. x

Lung function means nothing really mine are near normal FEV sats but it's your oxygen co2 transfer rate means more.

Get doctor to do lung gas transfer test

Thank you all for your replies, you have all been a lot of help. The consultant has arranged for a full lung function test which she says is a bigger machine and can tell more, if that doesn't show anything she will arrange for a ct scan. Best wishes to everyone and thank you x

patient.info/doctor/spirome... go to this web site it helps you understand

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