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Hi All, newbie here, in truth I've been lurking for a couple of months now so I promise to introduce myself probably but git a bit of a panic on; I wonder if someone could advise their preparation for a Full Lung Function test where inhalers are concerned? When I saw a registrar a couple of weeks ago he waffled something about not taking specific inhalers now my letter has come through and it says to take as normal.... I called to check and the technician I spoke to further advised not using the Salbutomal.... having read NHS guide it says bronchildators to be avoided, both my inhalers have a bronchildator component in them. Me and hubby are debating what do we do, my appt is tomorrow. .... eek.

Furthermore, he was quite interested in doing a reversibility test and yet hasn't ticked it on the card for booking purposes.

Would it skew the results if I didn't take them?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • If he is doing reversibility that woud be why you would not be expected to inhale a bronchodilator. They will do the breathing tests and then they will ask you to inhale a bronchodilator, wait about 20 minutes and then do it all again. So checking before and after bronchodilator and any reversibility.


  • Hi cofdrop, thanks for your reply, according to the technician he's not asked for a reversibility , so we are confused about that but doing other lung function test. The letter says to take all inhalers, but we was wondering if it mattered if I didn't anything at all...

    Sorry it's a long convoluted background that I will post soon, it's just we have this appt tomorrow and have contradictory information from what he said in our consultation and what the letter says .... i'm tired and rushing... sorry

    Outspan x

  • If you didn't take them and when you got there and asked at reception and if they said you needed to use them, couldn't you take them with you and you could use them then ?

    Hope that makes sense x

  • Hi diesel, certainly makes sense and it's the logic my hubby is using to convince me to not take them. Never had a full lung function test before and because this process has been so long (2nd hospital ) we're desperate to get the correct care. X

    I take Alcindium and Seretide if that helps, both have long acting bronchildators, the latter has steroid aswell.

  • Hi I would do as diesel suggests but if you really can't manage without then take the minimum and tell them when you get there. x

  • Do what the letter says. If you had to take them and then you get there, you'll have a 30-40 minute wait for them to take full effect. If it's wrong, they'll have to schedule you another test.

  • Hi Outspan, this sounds unsatisfactory to me. Every time I have been for lung function tests the hospital has sent me a comprehensive list of medication, including inhalers, that should or should not be taken on the day of the tests. I would think it best not to take your inhalers tomorrow but, as others have said, take them with you just in case. Make sure you let the hospital know about their mixed messages as this is not acceptable.

    Good luck.


  • Welcome Outspan - best of luck for your lung function tests. All best wishes.

  • Hi Outspan I have different medical issues to yourself so can't really help with your queries but just wanted to say hello and welcome. There's lots of great people here who can give support and advice as well as good friendly chat x

  • What is the difference between a lung function test and a spirometry test they both use the same equipment does anyone know ?

  • Lung function tests in hospitals involve expensive machinery but basically measure the same things as the equipment in a GP surgery. Sue x

  • Hello Outspan, nice to meet. You must be really confused but it sounds as though your appointment is today so all I'll say is I hope it went well. Do let us know, Sue x

  • Hello Outspan, welcome to the site :). I hope your tests have gone well x

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