OMG the farse the call the DWP & Driver licensing agency

OMG the farse the call the DWP & Driver licensing agency

Well TODAY was defo one of them days NEW infection 15 days from my last one HORRIFIC chest infection coughing fits ... That was what I was greeted with this morning HOW why I managed to escape hospital I don't know.

Could been almond milk locozade BECAUSE all I know it's not good medical care I receive ANYWAY I think it was the great liquid efag that caused it as I was sucking on one of them day befour I got rank infection again.

Today given my near death experiences I found my Self using every profanity word known to man / women AFTER Dvla returned my licence given notification of my change of address

Like really well that was it ... then ESA wrote to me wanting me to fill out a load of tripe bit like one I had to do for dla/pip.

Well they all got it today ... ESA wanted a letter of my doctor gp BUT issue is I have is for dla pip I went threw all that 14 days ago geting letters YET ESA say the need new one.

I think DWP are trying to F##%# our doctors of with the bs and abuses of due process.

Like I said to DWP you think my doctor as not better to do than play along with your harriesmeant and abuses.

So they was told to F£££& your form off as you not using BS process when my gp as better things more inprotant things to do like manage my care than play you BS games.

Like I said I submitted letter AND that's good ENOUTH But o no they want new one that's not 14 days old.

Like really ARE we well enough for crap they come out with ANYWAY told them am to ill for you S£££& So be no form filled in as I am not waring nor would my doctor

So I told them they best send the DOCTOR round and bring some antibiotics

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  • You sound a bit cross, Daz!! 🙂

    Tee xxx

  • Hi tee talk about things cuming in waves of three DEFO had my fill.

    But i did straiten em out even if was nearly my last breath

  • I didn't watch the video - just used my imagination :)

    Hope all the swearing helped you to let off steam.

  • Hi these agencies defo make it worse kept puting phone down on me.

    But yer think it help with clearing secretions lol

  • Hello. I am sorry you've had such a horrid time of it. My mum would tell me to have a nice cup of tea. 😊 xx

  • Hi Caspiana Cheers n thanks defo sounds like a plan :)

  • Oh dear. Hope things improve for you, JeffAjaxSmith.

  • Hi Ergendl cheers thanks :)

  • hi daz not a good day for you if you can when you get any doctors letters or fill forms in try photo copy them as they can come in handy when you get more forms you can then see exactly what you wrote last time ,

  • Hi Mmzetor yer I do that with letters & send everything recorded THE thing that got me going was they want new doctors letter despite me only submitting one 2 weeks ago.

  • yes I see your point and whats the good of another letter that will say the same thing , unless they lost the one you sent I would just send them a copy of the one the doctor done 2 weeks ago ,

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