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Some transplant news

My Pulmornay nurse told me the other day that 2 people from the Bathgate area have received double lung transplants in the last couple of months fact the recent one dropped into hospital to say hi to the nurses and they were amazed at how well he looked, Now that's the sort of thing that gives you hope and in my case hopefully not to far away for me and for anyone else in the same position.

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I hope chestychick sees your post, and here is the good news:-)

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Hoping for the very best for you matt and good wishes to you and Fran. Xxx

This all sounds sounds very positive.

Matt that must be so uplifting for you and others in your position. Great you posted.

love cx

Good news Matt. Hope you don't have to wait too long. P x

Yeah, mattcass, what very hopeful piece fo news. I cannot remember, but when will be yours?

We have to have faith in the healing power of our body. I see this every day ... in myself! Mic

mattcass that gives everyone hope best regards Kathy.

That's very encouraging news for you Mattcass, good luck xx

Such encouraging and positive news. Take care of yourself x

that's a wonderful thing to hear. I love positive feedback to something that I am going through. My doctor just told me last week that I need to lose 20lbs so that I can get on the list, as of today I have lost 4lbs! thank God for second chances.

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