What does Pleural Scarring/Thickening mean?

I have anxiety & I've went to the ER many times over the past 10 years due to palpitations or anxiety related breathing issues, no telling how many Chest X-rays I've had but in 2012 one showed pleural thickening at the lung apices, my GP said it was capping "age related" or old scar tissue from past lung infections, nothing to worry about but I don't remember having any infection I was aware of... My last CT in Dec 2014 stated apical pleural scarring bilateral, no consolidation, pleural effusion or suspicious lung nodules but the pulmonologist never mentioned anything about it. I know you guys are not doctors but just curious

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  • It means scarring of the pleural membrane which surrounds the lungs, usually following a severe infection. I have masses of that, consolidation and constant pleural effusion and I am still going. Lots of people have some pleural scarring from infections and it doesn't mean anything serious. Try not to worry and just make sure that if you get chest infections in future you get treatment quickly. If you get lots of infections get referred to a respiratory consultant. Happy breathing!

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