Could I please get some advice please? I recently had to buy my first wheelchair and used a well known chain of mobility specialists as I needed advice on which one to buy. Upon using it we found it had no way of being slowed down on slopes, etc. When I re-read the user manual I realised that I had a chair with wheel locks for use when stationary NOT wheel brakes. My partner can not hold my weight going down a slope, so this is not fit for purpose. I went back to the shop where they waffled on and said they would ring me and a week later I have heard nothing. Where do I go from here? Stupidly I paid with my debit card not credit card. Advice would appreciated.

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  • Hi

    Under the sale of goods act it as to be fit for purpose.

    Trading Standards would be my first call.

    Also speak to CAB there may be a process you have to follow.

    You mentioned a chain have they a head office. A call or letter to head office may fetch a result.

  • You are right Stone. Trading Standards should be your first port of call.

  • If you paid by credit card am sure you have more rights

    Ring them back up or post letter make it formal in recorded envolope and photo copied or take phone screen shot

    Then quate section in this article

    My experiance of shops is tbe try to ignor you AND they wount know if you paid by debit or credit card SO have nout to lose

  • Stone and JAS have both offered good advice there siestasue so I would take that advice.

    I am not sure where you live but Pete was able to get a new wheelchair on the NHS and it is exactly fit for purpose so maybe make some enquiries and see if your GP can help. Good luck. xxxx

  • I believe that under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act there is some protection for debit cards...depends how much the wheelchair cost. Would also make a difference if you wanted an exchange for a wheelchair with brakes, that would be simpler.

    Tee x

  • Not sure s75 CCA applies to debit cards, Tee, as they're not part of a credit agreement. There's the "chargeback" scheme for debit cards, but that's not as good. I think head office idea is good. Tell them you were relying on the shop's advice as to best chair for you, and this one is not fit for your purpose. Hopefully they'll agree to exchange.

  • Hi the best way is the company are being difficult is to contact trading standards. The other thing I would do is go on their site and leave a damning review. x

  • At the time of purchase did you specify that you wanted a chair which was capable of being mechanically retarded when going downhill, or did you assume that all wheelchairs can do this? If the former, then you have been supplied with an inappropriate product and should be offered a refund. If the latter, then you will be totally reliant on the goodwill of the supplier. Paying by Credit Card gives you no protection against mistaken purchases.

  • Try private messaging the company with your complaint on their Facebook page. That always hints that you could make it public if it's not dealt with properly. I've solved a couple of difficult issues that way without having to leave my sofa.

  • Hi. I had the same problem with my chair. It now sits in the garage gathering dust. I hope you have better luck. I do have another one now, the community Physio referred me for a wheelchair assessment and I had a chair provided to me. Wish I'd known about it before I wasted all that money. All the best.

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