Not copd or asthma

Hi everyone I just wanted to say that I went to see the nurse yesterday after my lung function test and she has confirmed it is not copd or asthma. I am relieved but also on the other hand I am frustrated as still have no answers. I am going back to see dr at the end of the month to see what is next. I feel as though I am back to square one now. I wonder what it could be if it's not lung related?

Anyway thank you for your messages and support :) x

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  • Hope you find out soon good luck

  • Hope your visit to the doctor helps you find out what's wrong.

  • Hi porky5 if it has been confirmed that you don't have COPD or Ashma then that is good. I have read your other posts and your medical team are running through a series of tests which takes time. I know how frustrating it can be waiting for things to happen. Unfortunately they progress at their own pace but try not to worry as the stress of that won't help.

    You mentioned in a previous post that you had given up smoking but were coughing quite a bit. If you are still stopped "Well Done". When you give up you tend to cough a lot more as your lungs try to get rid of all the gundge.

    Hopefully you will get some answers after seeing the Doctor at the end of the month.

    Regards. John

  • Hope you get some answers soon. Xxx

  • Thank you, me too it's just a waiting game And I know it takes time, I just feel I've waited months to find out it isn't this and I just want the answers but will have to wait months again. It has given me wake up call about my health anyway and how I need to improve things such as diet, exercise and not smoking for a healthier life.

    Thanks to all in here, it is an excellent and informative forum X

  • Morning Porky5

    How frustrating for you. To know there is something wrong but not knowing what. Not COPD is good. You are young to have developed it. So presumably it is not coming up as an obstructive on Spirometry. Any chance that it's a restrictive disease? That means that lung damage is making your lungs smaller, ie restricted. The flow patterns from Spirometry should show that. A full lung function test would look at lung volumes. I will go back and look at your posts. And see if anything is emerging.

    Meanwhile all the best, hang in there and push for more clarity.

    K xxxx

  • My none smoking son developed a hacking, rasping cough. He coughed so hard and long, he was seeing stars. After scans and tests it turned out to be Acid reflux. It was getting into his lungs. xx

  • I went back for another chat with my dr yesterday and he has given me a prescription for some tablets for silent reflux to try for a month to see if they help, I'm hoping they do then at least I will know what is wrong. Hope your son is ok x

  • Good to hear. He's still on anti acid tablets and Gaviscon but, he' much much better.

    He has found that bread, is his biggest trigger so he avoids it.

    I hope it works for you xx

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